‘Dark Phoenix’ Final Trailer- Oh Boy…

Fox Studios dropped the FINAL trailer for Dark Phoenix yesterday and, well, it is what it is?

I do not understand how you can F%##$ up an iconic and legendary comic story such as this. Well, even more mind boggling is how you can goof it twice!

I wanted to give this movie the benefit of the doubt. After all, I have been a fan of other non-accurate adaptations of this franchise in the past! Maybe it’s the total flop that was Apocalypse,  maybe it was the completion of the Disney/Fox deal, or maybe it was those damn cheap looking costumes shown in the first trailer, I don’t know! I just know that rather than anger or disapproval of what I have seen I actually just do not care.

Seeing the final trailer yesterday gave me no emotions. I saw what I saw and went back to my bagel without another thought. In my opinion, this is worse than hating something. We all know of movies so bad that we love them! However, this looks so bad that it’s just bad. It looks and feels like an early 2000’s comic book movie!

Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way… It was reported yesterday that Dark Phoenix is projected to be the lowest opening for any X-Men film produced by Fox. YIKES.

To put that into context, the lowest opening for the franchise before this would be 2000’s X-Men. Yet that released almost twenty years ago! Other than that we have 2013’s The Wolverine which opened around 50 million. To be fair- that was a character spin-off and it had to follow the absolutely atrocious X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I am saddened to see that this twenty-year franchise will likely be taking its final bow as a dumpster fire. Yet, who knows! Should the film, despite no comic accuracy (and no fucking iconic Phoenix costume), do well with critics closer to the release date AND score decent on Rotten Tomatoes, it might just do alright! Though let’s not hold our breath..

Dark Phoenix is set to release June 7.



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