(My) Top Ten MCU Films

With Avengers: Endgame just about a week away I decided it was time (likely because I’m bored) to find out exactly what my top ten Marvel films are. Breaking the films down from a score of 1 to 10 by each phase, and classic process of elimination, it came down to the following:

spider-man_homecoming_poster10. Spider-Man: Homecoming– It was the official return of Spider-man back home to the MCU. I personally was not the biggest Peter Parker fan (Miles Morales forever) but the pace and tone of this film was a welcomed change from the two Andrew Garfield films.

A charming teenage Peter Parker (who felt a lot like Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future), Vulture played by Michael Keaton who steps away from the two-dimensional villain role, and a wonderful supporting cast. There’s so much fun and heart in this movie! To see the character interact with Iron-man and see his world connect with the larger MCU was fantastic.

Also, they made a super young Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) work. Can Marvel ever miss?


9. The Avengers- The movie that forced all of DC comics on a cocktail of Zoloft and Captain Morgan.  Come on people, it was the coming of the messiah of comic book movies! After this film there was only “pre-Avengers” standards and “post-Avengers” standards. I’m looking DIRECTLY at you 20th Century Fox…

I personally didn’t care for anything birthed in phase one of the MCU other than Iron-Man. Yet, this film redefined what we could see not just in a superhero movie but film overall as it established a cinematic universe.

It had everything you love about superheroes! The humor, the sassy villain, the action sequences, the one-liners, and kick-ass poses! Did I have complaints? Not many! It was pretty much just not being able to take Captain America’s costume seriously. Other than that this really is an MCU gem.

guardians_of_the_galaxy_poster8: Guardians of the Galaxy- That Marvel property that no one had heard of that was to feature a talking raccoon and a tree. The movie that really should have flopped but, from the moment this shit started with “Come and Get Your Love,” we were hooked.

Guardians expanded the MCU into space, pushed the boundaries of where the imagination of this universe could go, expanded the greater arc of the films by giving details of the infinity stones, and was a hands down riot from start to finish. The ensemble cast was fantastic and it was a welcomed surprise to be proven wrong about how much I thought it would suck.

ant-man_and_the_wasp_poster7: Ant-Man and the Wasp- The first film didn’t wow me. I gave it kudos for merging the fun of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with the creative angle of a traditional heist film. What sold me on the second? The Wasp, baby!

My soul explodes for Evengeline Lilly, I think she is phenomenal and I loved her as the Wasp in this movie! Her opening fight sequence in the kitchen with the guys, her suit, ugh. It was all perfect.

Paul Rudd, of course, delivers again. Let’s be real, I’m not sure how acceptable a shrinking superhero would be but when you have a comedic force like this guy behind it, you buy it.

I did feel there were some issues here and there… The villain, as cool as her powers were, didn’t totally land for me. Also, um, Hope Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) , if you have been in the quantum realm alone for THAT long how are you not totally bat-shit crazy?!

Overall it was one of the funnest movies in the MCU and a definite member of my top ten.


6: Black Panther-  It’s a grown-ass man dressed as a big kitty and at no point was he any less of a mother F#$^# bad-ass. I repeat- MARVEL MADE KITTY MAN WORK!

Where to even begin with this one… The soundtrack was out of this world. The costume design was like nothing we had ever seen! Seeing Okeye (Danai Gurira) in that spectacular red dress on top of that car with her spear was something I didn’t know I was missing in my life!

The Dora Milaje taking names and looking DOPE, the thirst traps that are Winston Duke and Michael B. Jordan, and a casino fight scene I still revisit randomly when I just want to feel good. This movie embodies what comics are about. To be able to see people like you in the greatest expression possible. I remember the trolls saying, “people just worship this movie because they feel they have to because it’s an all black cast.”

Um, I partially DO worship this movie because it’s nearly an all black cast! Oh, and let’s not forget its genius black director, Ryan Coogler (Ryan please call me I will get your lunches for minimum wage).

Comics for me have always been about finding stories of human beings trying for the best possible versions of themselves. More importantly, finding stories about people living these expressions who might just be like me. To see people feel empowered by T’Challa, Nakia, Shuri, and the rest of the cast blew my heart up. Wakanda forever, folks!

mv5bmte0ywfmotmtytu2zs00ztixlwe3otetytniyzbkzjvizthixkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyodmzmzq4oti40._v1_5: Captain Marvel- F#$^# the haters! Captain Marvel had me at “hello”! Was this the best paced MCU film? Not at all. There were some moments that sank a bit, and I wasn’t too on board with the friendship between Carol and Maria Rambeau.

However, I F@#^$#$ love this character. She has a subtle sass to her, her powers are insane, and everything that happens post-tesseract left me with a cheesy grin on my face.

Where there are lulls in the plot I feel they’re redeemed with the moments in the movie that really worked. Seeing the collection of the different aged Carol’s getting up, seeing her acquire the full range of her powers, and that fun plot twist with the Kree? Superb.

We also can’t forget to give a very special appreciation to the scene-stealer, Thalos (Ben Mendelsohn). I need him in every sequel moving forward or we’re not going to be okay.

Add to the mix the fact that she has joined the billion dollar club at the box office and you for sure have my number five MCU film in Captain Marvel.  Higher, further, faster baby!

71fxnj0er5l._sy606_4: Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Humans-“Marvel can’t do serious or gritty. It’s too cheesy.” Marvel-“Hold my drink, B#$^#.”

We were not ready for this one. That opening on the boat where we not only get hyped with the fight sequence, but also take the life lesson that leg day should never be skipped, sets up the joyride that is this film.

It’s probably one of, if not the (?), most grounded MCU film? The murder attempt on Fury, the fight sequence on the street, infiltrating SHIELD… it’s all fantastic. Not to mention, hands down, best Captain America uniform of all. No question. It’s a Fritz Bernaise (Bridesmaids fans know what I’m talking about).

This movie also introduced Falcon (Anthony Mackie) to finish off a great ensemble. My only complaint about this film is when Steve puts on his original (chunky) uniform for the climactic battle. Other than that- this is Black Widow at her best, Fury at his best, and of course, the elevator fighting Captain America at his best.


3: Avengers: Infinity War- Ya’ll thought it was going to be number one, didn’t you? No way. Too easy and also just not true for me. Sorry!

Yes, Infinity War highlights everything that makes the MCU amazing. It manages to incorporate the insane amount of characters which is only possible because of the world of films that precede it. It introduces a villain who is actually quite scary, and best of all does what I loved most about The Last Jedi; it shows a story where our heroes fail.

At every turn and for every infinity stone, despite sacrifices and best efforts, Thanos manages to push through every line of defense that the good guys set up. Well, besides Peter Quill losing his cool and ruining the only real chance they had at winning but, bygones!

This movie had comedy, tragedy, insane fight sequences, and the most somber ending to a comic book film ever! Why then does it fall to bronze medal? Well, if I’m being honest, there are some scenes that I struggle to get through. Loki and Gamora’s death scenes are hard to digest. Though I’ve seen this film a few times they just don’t get easier! That aside, there’s no doubting that objectively this film is a F#$#$%& masterpiece.

avengers_age_of_ultron_poster2: Avengers: Age of Ultron-  I know, this is where I lose the respect of so many people reading this list. I can only share my truth, ya’ll!

I F#$^#$# loved this movie! The OG six back at it again, the introduction of Wanda and Pietro, the birth of Vision, and the cartoon-like villain with some of the best one-liners ever, Ultron.

I like what I like and I can’t lie. For me this movie was a blast to see in theaters. Like its predecessor I felt it caught everything I love about comic book movies. Giant heroes, great action sequences, amazing group shots (Vision, Thor, and Iron-Man blasting Ultron) and just overall a good time.

What determines how much I love a movie is how much of a “rewatch factor” it has. For me, I could see this anyday and anytime.


1: Captain America: Civil War- It was the only possible one left. This movie takes all the serious elements from Winter Soldier and Infinity War with all the diverse humors of the different franchises, and makes an Avengers movie that still feels focused enough to be a Captain America movie. Oh! it also introduces Black Panther AND Spider-man without feeling forced. It also delivers one of the best twist endings in a comic book movie.

It was also the first time we saw the satanic magic that is the de-aging science done on Tony Stark.

Infinity War was out of this world, literally. For me  though, there is no contest against the airport fight scene in this thing. It’s great action, hysterical, and in the middle of all the fun you still feel the weight of the stakes.

I was one of the audience members after the airport scene thinking, alright, time to go home because I don’t see why we should care about the Bucky and Steve going off on their own now… Yet what the climax of the film lacks in punches visually it makes up for with punches emotionally.

The ending of this movie leaves the Avengers in pieces which is perfect for the threat that comes in the form of Thanos.


Well, there you have it! My top ten MCU films. Safe to say Homecoming is going to be pushed out with the arrival of Endgame. Will it steal the number one spot? I guess I will just have to wait until next week.







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