‘Swamp Thing’ Teaser Drops: What is Going On?

Only a day after production on DC Universe’s upcoming live-action series Swamp Thing was abruptly stopped, a teaser trailer was dropped on the internet! Is this damage control? You bet it is!

Either way, we have our first look at the protector of the green as he emerges from the murky swamp. DC Universe seems to once again be saying, “F#$^@ the kids!”

This dude looks SCARY. At the very least he looks like a grade-A monster from Are You Afraid of the Dark. 

Swamp Thing is certainly a lesser known DC property. I would say he was brought to the height of his potential during the 1980’s comic run by the brilliant Alan Moore.

I would assume based on this teaser that the series is going to lean a bit more into the horror elements. Fine by me! However, it seems the long running theme of the streaming service is to not create any original content for children!

Titans was heavy on the gore, Doom Patrol drops F-bombs left and right, and Young Justice at best is now a TV-14 series.  If I remember back to my childhood years though, sneaking trying to see shit I wasn’t supposed to was half the fun.

I think the real struggle that DC is going to have is if they are coming out with new original content fast enough… The first two original series proved to be decent projects but not exactly ‘must see’ television. Will Swamp Thing prove any different?

I suppose we will have to find out May 31.


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