Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 2 Review

It was a slow one ya’ll, but it was filled with some good stuff! Let’s waste no time and dive into GoT WATCH! (Brian Fantana saying “Panda Watch” voice from Anchorman).

Arya, okay! Do You, Girl!: The end is near. Literally, the show is almost over and all these characters know that they have little chance of surviving the battle ahead. In true GoT beauty, there is no way to predict who is safe in this thing! Sure, we can assume Jon, Dany, and Tyrion are going to make it but we’ve been wrong before, folks!

No one seems more clear about the reality of death than Arya Stark who has been eyeing Gendry covered in steam and manhood! I assumed they would share a kiss; a peck. They would confess they meant a lot to each other. However, we got full blown last night on Earth F#%$&#$.

I couldn’t believe it! It stole the episode, people! I know, there are so many viewers thinking that we met Arya when she was literally a child. Therefore this is all a bit awkward. That was ten years ago though and all these characters know they’re about to die. Wanting to know sex before the violent end seems logical to me.

Do I think they’re safe? Oh, honestly I don’t know. I can see them both meeting their end next week. Or, at least, Gendry saying goodbye. They’ve made a darker character out of Arya and to lose him might solidify that path.

It is worth noting King Roberts words from the very first episode though as he spoke with Ned, “I have a son, you have a daughter. We’ll join our houses.” Seems they knew all along who that son and daughter would really be!

Poor Tormund: We all love him but he cannot get a break with Brienne. I hate to say it but this is the most gruesome show on TV, I don’t think they’re going to let us keep him. I think at the very best, he gives his life for Brienne and she recognizes him with something other than a grossed out look.

I am sure she lightened up to him a little this week at seeing his support of her wish to become a knight. Though if it’s enough to solidify a romantic relationship, I kind of doubt it.

Slow Goodbye: It was yet again another slow episode. As impatient as I was with 1/3 of the season being this pace, I am trying to keep my cool. Next week will be a battle against the white walkers. Let us remember Hardhome for a minute! That was a massacre!

Every person that falls next week will rise as a member of the army of the dead. Those that love them will have to put them down or die as well. I think we can expect an emotionally difficult episode to say the least!

Therefore, ultimately, I accept the pace of this episode. It gave all the characters a chance to spend one last night with each other and gave us one last time to enjoy them. Aside from the death, drama, anxiety, and heartbreak we had the opportunity to see them as they are in their best light. Tormund was gross, Brienne got her wish, Podrick sang, Tyrion drank, Sansa and Arya were reunited with their leading men, and Dany found out some uncomfortable and disgusting news. Oh GoT, how we’ll miss you!

Not everyone is going to make it next week. So, it is time to place our bets!


Tormund: I think they’re going to kill him because the audience likes him too much. They went heavy with his humor this week which felt a bit “one last time.” I don’t think Brienne is going to warm up to him so I think we will be saying our goodbyes next week.

Brienne: Simply for the fact that her story is complete. She accomplished everything she set out to do. Sansa and Arya now are women (literally? too soon?) and can defend themselves. She also just had he greatest wish come true. I can see her dying a death full of glory next week. I hope it isn’t the case! But… I can see it.

Varys: He’s underground with the others we cant fight but this is going to be the massacre episode. We’re going to lose people who don’t have stakes in the end. The red witch called it last season- it was his destiny to die in Westeros. There are four episodes left. Next week might be the time to say goodnight.

Podrick: I don’t want it to be the case at all. I love this character. I have such a soft spot for him, but I think he is a goner. They showed him working a sword really well to give us some confidence in him, but, let’s not forget Oberyn Martell… What he has left to do or where he has left to go I’m not sure! I can see them going for an easy kill here though.

Theon:  This man has volunteered to protect Bran himself. I think for a character labeled a coward so often, it might actually be the most fitting death next week. For him to die where he betrayed the family that raised him. For him to make amends for it by giving his life to protect them. I like Theon too, and he has been through so much, but he is one character I am hoping dies next week?

Greyworm and Missandei: Their whole conversation about getting out of there together…Come on. That was too  obvious. So obvious that it was likely a red herring but still! I can see at least one of them dying next week. Also, they are the only two characters that have really been with Dany from her rise. For her to lose them would isolate her in Westeros in a different way. A way that might be necessary for the story.

I want these two to get away and be happy! Yet, I don’t think it’s in the cards.


Place your bets people! Next week marks the beginning of the end.



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