‘Batwoman’ Trailer Discussion

The first trailer for the latest installment in the Arrowverse, Batwoman, just dropped! Let’s talk!

Congratulations: First of all, before even getting into the meat of the trailer, I want to give a huge congratulations to the CW and to Ruby Rose. This is a live-action comic book series with a (unapologetic) gay lead. Batwoman’s there, she’s saving her girl, she’s doing hero stuff, and I really never thought I’d see the day.

This is a huge step in the right direction so thank you to Greg Berlanti.

What’s a Bat Without a Joker?: What I notice out of the gates here is that we are in a VERY Gotham-looking Gotham City! I know, what was I expecting? Uh, complete S$%& to be honest!

Yet the shot of the Wayne Enterprise building and those rooftop scenes have me sold. They seem to have created a believable Gotham and I’m loving it. So, a legit Gotham and a bat. All that’s missing is a joke…

The pilot will be using Alice, a nemesis to the Batwoman as her first foe. I don’t have much to say on her just yet. I figured they would want to stay as close to the original hero as possible; at least for the first episode. Will she be a constant villain moving throughout the season? We’ll have to wait and see on that as well.

Well, She’s Doing Bat Things!: The other thing that I’m feeling about the trailer is that Batwoman looks to be doing some very bat things! I see those building dives, I see that landing in the shadows, and I see that bat cave action! Ok!

I’m a little nervous if Ruby Rose will be able to carry the series though. No shade! In that cross over event she played the character just a little flat. To be fair, she was barely in it. So, yes, I’m concerned. However best of luck, I really want this show to succeed.

Luke Fox: Like all CW superhero shows, there will of course be a super supporting cast. The first confirmation we have is Luke Fox, son of Lucious Fox, who eventually takes the title of Batwing.

If you haven’t checked him out, he’s pretty much a member of the bat family who uses some hi-tech stuff to create a flying bat-suit with wings. It’s pretty much like the stuff that will eventually get upgraded to the Batman Beyond suit!

What other members of the bat family will appear? Time will tell! Though there’s no doubt they wont be able to keep Bruce Wayne out of it for long. Just look at what happened over at Supergirl!

ITS’S ALREADY FEMINIST, STOP ANNOUNCING IT!: I do have one big issue with this trailer, and I’m worried for the series as a whole.

There are some REAL cringe moments in this thing for how forceful feminist it is.

Do not misunderstand me! I’m all for girl power! Give me more f%#^%# female lead superhero shows! But the thing about this trailer, and this show, is that it’s already feminist! You don’t have to announce it!

The first exchange goes,

Luke: The suit is literal perfection.

Batwoman: It will be, when it fits a woman.


You don’t need to do that much! You are a woman, you are gay, you are leading your own series on the CW, You’re a member of the bat family, you’re already doing it! You’re already empowering girls and boys! We don’t need you to whack-o-mole the feminist button for us to register that!

In conclusion, I was not planning on giving this show a shot. However, I will happily tune in for the series premiere!

Batwoman premieres this fall on the CW


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