‘Game of Thrones’ Finale: Did it Deliver?

We made it folks! After eight seasons and nine years we have finally arrived at the highly anticipated Game of Thrones finale. What are the thoughts?

Uh, Just Move Over?: The episode opens with a shocked Tyrion making his way into what remains of the Red Keep. He goes down into the debris filled underground where he hopes his brother and sister made their escape. Unfortunately, he finds that they have been squashed by rocks!

The problem? Well, THE REST OF THE PLACE IS JUST PEACHY!? Like, Cersei and Jaime literally just had to stop their drama for twenty seconds to take a couple steps over to the right and they would have been fine. Actually, the could have done the same to the left. Also, they could have gotten under the dragon skull. They could have gone to the far end of the place closer to the entrance. You get the idea. Their death was not only lame it was so stupid considering the aftermath of the area!

Either way, it is the final moment that Tyrion decides Dany has GOTS tah go!

Tyrion’s demise…: From here begins the not at all satisfying ending for one of the biggest players in Game of Thrones. I know it’s been a few years but remember when Tyrion was just the cleverest mother F@#^$# in all of Westeros? This season was just chalk full of him S#$&#$ the bed!

This character lost so much and was treated like such s#$% for the life of the series. I know, we can’t have the satisfying Disney ending all the time. We have to accept that life isn’t that way; the best art tries to mirror reality with humility.

For Tyrion to stay as hand of the king (a good king mind you) in its way seems fair. I would have LOVED for him to become Lord of Casterly Rock and inherit the most important thing that he was always denied growing up; the rightful claim to his name.

Yet, here we are. I was hoping for a more front and center conclusion for Tyrion as opposed to his staying on the sides. I digress.

Wait, but he didn’t do anything…?: So, uh, remember when Jon Snow was this so-called “prince that was promised” and the Lord of Light brought him back to fulfill an important destiny? Well, it wasn’t to kill the Night King because Arya got that covered… It wasn’t to sit on the Iron Throne because he totally whined his way out of that one… So, you mean to tell me that his great destiny was simply to kill Daenerys AFTER she murdered thousands?

I’m sorry but NO. He didn’t do anything! Jon Snow did nothing this season. He was not the hero. He was not the king. He was not the savior. He literally spent the entire last season repeating to everyone with his hands over his ears “She’s my queen. She’s my queen. She’s my queen.”

Let me state for the record, I NEVER wanted Jon Snow to sit on the Iron Throne. Nor did I think he ever would regardless of who his parents were. It was way too easy. Yet for so much hype (he came back from the dead for crying out loud) he didn’t live up to any occasion…

His fate, as the true heir to the iron throne, was to be forced up north to the wall (Why?! the White Walkers are gone and the Wildlings are friends!). Of course, he did not stay but rather left Westeros behind to go beyond the wall with his new people.

As a character who found love beyond the wall, adventure, and people who really accepted him as a leader- I get it. As the Jesus figure of this whole thing…Oh dear.

I’m Sorry Dany: Speaking of not living up to an occasion. The dragon queen who dedicated YEARS to doing the right thing met her end at the hands of Jon Snow.

Man, where to even begin. Look, I can SEE how this could have been an end for her. The problem is that there just wasn’t the time to explore it properly. It all felt rushed and ridiculous. I mean, just look at where we started the season some five episodes ago to where we ended?

Had this plot had a whole season to develop (without the war against the dead) I think we would have had a better landing. We can go down the rabbit-hole over how this twist hurts the empowering female arc, but at this point I feel it would be wasted energy.

I can see what they were going for; everyone is the hero of their story. So many people do horrible things in the name of what they believe is right. Every person has a line and when that line is found and crossed that’s where we see what individuals are really made of. Do I think Dany was made of more than this? Abso-f#$$#-lutely.  Did I want her to sit on the Iron Throne? I also didn’t have feelings for that either way. What I did want for her was to get the revenge she wanted and gain back what she lost; a family. She got her revenge but it cost her life. I’m so sorry Dany. I will always remember the iconic bad-assery that was you stealing the unsullied back in season three.

Also, kudos for that MONEY shot of her walking in the raining ash with Drogons wings flapping behind her. It was in that moment that I could really see how her tyranny could have been built properly and would have been believed had it been done right.

YAS KWEEN: One character and one character alone did get the end I had hoped for. Her name is Mother F%$&# Sansa F#&#$%$ Stark!

All those people yelling, “The Queen in the North” almost brought a tear to my eye. This girl has been through the seven hells over the life of this series. She was the only one who never broke in her fight for the North to have its independence, she became THE smartest PERSON in Westeros (learning from Little Finger and Cersei), and showed us that one might start timid and naive but evolution does happen.

Her redemption arc with the audience was so well done. I’m glad they did her justice in the end. However, all this talk of “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” and all the Starks are just going their separate ways never to reunite has me a bit upset!

Ok, I mean I GET IT: Now, with Sansa becoming the QUEEN of the new independent north, Jon, the actual king of Westeros being set beyond the wall, Dany dead, and Arya going off to explore the ends of the earth, who will be left as ruler over Westeros?

Well, George R.R. Martin decided on probably the wisest choice. Yes, at the series finale Bran the Broken was named King of the six kingdoms…. That little F#^#. No wonder he was looking so smug for two F##$%^$& seasons! He knew this whole damn time he was just gonna roll down here and take the magma puddle that is the iron throne!

All jokes aside, he is the wisest choice. The greatest threat to anyone’s future is not learning from the past. Who better to lead the continent to a better tomorrow than he who knows all stories and all choices made before them? Tyrion emphasizes one of the greatest truths that book lovers know; there is no greater power than a story.

Of all the characters that could be made ruler, I think Bran is the one that would let us know the future of Westeros is in good hands. He didn’t do A#$ for it but whatever. I accept.

Well, that’s all I really have to say on the finale! Did I like it? Not really but I understand the choices that were made. Had they more time to really dig into these stories I think it would have been done brilliantly.

Well, that’s it! Finally, our watch is ended.




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