‘His Dark Materials’ Heading to HBO

Directly after last night’s finale to Game of Thrones HBO decided to treat us with the trailer for its upcoming fantasy series, His Dark Materials. Is this a move to make sure subscriptions aren’t cancelled like wildfire? You bet!

However, I have to say, despite this suicide-watch move, the new series looks promising!

Some of you might remember back in 2007 when a little movie titled The Golden Compass hit theaters. Well, His Dark Materials will be a series based on the best selling novels by Phillip Pullman with season one focusing specifically on The Golden Compass, the first novel of the trilogy.

Set in an alternate world, the soul of all humans lives outside of their bodies taking the shapes of different animals known as Daemons. In childhood these daemons can change their shape as much as they please. When a person reaches adulthood the daemon takes one final animal form and remains that way forever.

The story follows our protagonist, Lyra Belacqua (Logan bad-ass, Dafne Keene) as she heads to the arctic to find her kidnapped friend.

Will this be able to take the place of the global phenomenon Game of Thrones? Likely not. We have to remember that phenomenon are just that- these incredibly unpredictable explosive events.

However, I do see promise in the trailer for something good. The themes of His Dark Materials are edgy to say the least (killing God anyone?) but the cast, the aesthetic, and that HBO touch looks great.

No word yet on a release date, but hopefully people get on-board with this other great book adaptation.


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