Rebirth of the ‘Percy Jackson’ Series?

As we all know, just a couple months ago Disney absorbed 20th Century Fox leading to the return of the X-Men and Fantastic Four to Marvel Studios. Of course, this also meant that lesser known IP’s were acquired by Disney as well.

There is one in particular I believe is worth pointing out and that would be the Percy Jackson series which had two films produced by 20th Century Fox.

I wouldn’t call either of these films successes. Hell, neither would the author of the book series who is hilariously unapologetic over how much he hates these things.

Any-who, regardless of their mediocre box office, the rights to the Percy Jackson series now belong to Disney! Why should this matter? Well, interestingly enough the publisher for the books is none other than Disney-Hyperion…

Some might be thinking, why would a Disney published book have a movie made over at Fox? Well, publishing rights and film rights are different things! Also, just because a studio buys film rights to a book doesn’t mean they ever have to do anything with the IP. Yes, I wish they had just left this alone in a closet until Disney got it…

Though the films didn’t capture it, the Percy Jackson books are filled with all the ingredients that would keep kids insanely entertained. There’s greek gods, there’s monsters, there’s twelve-year-old warrior children KILLING these monsters, there’s a good chunk of that coming-of-age stuff, the humor is GOLD, oh and did I mention all these kids are demigods with F#$^# demigod powers? Yeah it checks all the boxes!

Not only is a great action series for kids, but good old Rick Riordan has been at the front of bringing in characters from all walks of life and showing all kinds of representation. Yes it’s for kids, but give a skim of the Trials of Apollo series; what I wouldn’t have GIVEN as an eleven year old to read characters like that!

With the acquisition, the already established publishing relationship, AND the recent announcement of Disney+  I think it would be fair game to anticipate a new Percy Jackson series for the streaming platform. I mean, The Golden Compass is getting a second shot over at HBO with the newly announced His Dark Materials series! Why not this?

I know Disney has its eye on bigger properties at the moment for the long-haul I would keep the demigods in mind.


4 thoughts on “Rebirth of the ‘Percy Jackson’ Series?

    1. The books have so much potential and STUFFED with humor that I think the whole family can enjoy. Not to mention what the 13 books in the series so far have done for representation in the genre… I think Disney would be silly to not capitalize

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