‘Downton Abbey’ First Trailer

Look, this show was so good that it was really just about rich people in the past having dinner and we were hooked! Downton Abbey has to be one of my ALL TIME favorite shows. Also, worth noting, one of the greatest theme songs ever! Yes, I still often play it to get me into the mood for cleaning; it just helps get you into the scrubbing character, you know?

Well today we finally got our first trailer for the upcoming film for Downton Abbey and I am very excited!

What did we get from the first look?

Maggie (dramatic clap) Smith (another dramatic clap): The queen of shade is back, ya’ll! The Dowager Countess is alive and well in 1927 and she is here to give us more memorable one-liners. Personal favorite? “Nothing says success like excess.” 

Happy for Thomas?: One thing that was said often during the run of the series was that a full-circle happy ending for Thomas just wouldn’t be likely considering the times he was alive. Homosexuality was of course not accepted back in those days and was even less used as an identity. The writers wanted to tell as authentic a story as they could.

Well, that was the show and this is the movie! The writers seem to be saying F#&# it! We see Thomas get a kiss and I really hope it’s the happy ending he deserves. He had an alright finish at the conclusion of the series, but I always hoped there was a space for him to find companionship. Fingers crossed this is it.

Royal Visit: Uh, ok. It’s the movie version so I understand they have to go with something big for the plot. What is bigger than a visit from King George and Queen Mary? My question is, WHY are they visiting Downton? I hope there is a well constructed reason instead of it just being a good old, “it’s a movie so we have to!” Or, at the very least, use their visit to get into the S$@^@ we really love- exploring the lives and relationships of these characters!

Overall, I’m pumped. I hope this movie can attract not just the fans of the series but others as well. The thing from this trailer that most sticks out is that it feels awfully catered to the fans. That’s not a bad thing! Who else would it be made for?

However, I’m curious if it will be able to stand on its own or if it will really need knowledge of the previous seasons to make sense.

Time will tell!

Now to listen to the theme song on repeat from here until premiere day.



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