‘Toy Story’ 4 Final Trailer

Pixar has released the final trailer for Toy Story 4! Thoughts?

Bow Peep: This may be Bow Peep by name but everything else seems different about her. Of course, we have to take into consideration culture back in 1995 and where we are now in 2019 (nine years since Toy Story 3, wtf).

Nothing wrong with evolution of a character, but I’m hoping there will still be some space for that cute Woody and Bow chemistry that we got back in the 90’s. It’s also exciting to see her front and center!  She was ultimately a side character in the first two films and was presumed dead in the third!

I understood when this film was announced that it would be very much a love story for Woody and her and I’m really hoping that is still the case.

Beautiful: Visually this movie is so stunning that it’s scary. The clip in the rain and the visual of that cat walking away from the dead stuffed animal (hilariously cryptic)?. My concerns have never revolved around the idea that Pixar might not pull off a visually stunning film. They’re once again about to hit out of the park.

I’m Not Excited?: Yet, that being said, I’m not excited for this movie! Sorry my fellow Toy Story fans but for me, the third film REALLY brought this franchise to a close. I know that Disney recently opened Toy Story Land so a film would be the perfect publicity to get people to visit, but it’s not for me.

Given, it REALLY isn’t for me! I’m pushing thirty over here! Yes, nostalgia might be a factor but this still is a film for kids and I hope young audiences enjoy it. However, with laughs and fun at Pixar also comes F#$^##& sobs.

We’re Going to Cry: Ever since Toy Story 2 when Jessie tells her tale and we’re forced to listen to Sarah McLachlan sing that hauntingly beautiful song…We were F#$#$&.

This franchise wasn’t here to play games. It was here to make us feel some S#$^# and we did! Then Toy Story 3 came out? All the toys held hands accepting their fire death but finding peace in that they were going to die together? THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE?! I was a mess ya’ll. A damn mess.

I had to take an extra ten minutes in that theater before getting up because I was a disaster.

This movie will be no different folks! There’s a harsh life lesson behind these toys and you can bet your asses that the trailer isn’t going to tell us what it is. I have a feeling this might touch on death of toys? Like, beyond the comedy clip with the cat we saw?

I’m not sure. All I know is I will see this first thing in the morning when I know no one will be in the theater so I can sob to a kids film in peace.

Thank you.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters June 20.



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