‘Swamp Thing’ Episode 1 Review

Before we begin I think it wise to give some advice; DO NOT watch this F#$^##%& show if you’re eating ramen or anything soupy. It will completely ruin it forever!

That being said… Let’s get into the swamp.

Opening:  WHAT an opening scene for DC Universe’s latest original series. Going into this I was wondering if it was going to be more horror, more suspense, or perhaps just gross? Turned out- ALL OF IT.

Seeing those three guys on the boat get ripped apart let me know what kind of a series I was  getting myself into. I admit, I’m not a big fan of the gore and torture porn but this is Swamp Thing... I give my respect where it’s due.

That F#$&# Scene: Throughout the episode we get to meet our golden-hearted protagonist, Abby Arcane. I am curious if they’ll change her hair to match the comic version, but I digress.

I think she’s alright! There was nothing about her in the opening episode that grabbed my attention too intensely. Yeah, I’m curious to know what the hell she did to kill her childhood friend, but this first episode seems more dedicated to setting up the aesthetic rather than creating much to anchor on regarding characters.

That being said, I need to talk about the lab scene.

Yes, I understood right away we are in for a horror series, but what I didn’t know was that this is going to be outright DISGUSTING. Congratulations DC Universe because you have succeeded at bringing this property to life with the respect it deserves.

The way that dead body just cracked open like an egg for all those roots? larva? tentacles? I don’t know! They just slithered all over the corpse having an almost arachnid feel to them. I legit almost puked.

However, I think it was meant to add to the drama, but it came off VERY comedic for me when the little girl comes to the lab. She yells for her father and she sees what has become of him and though it’s a horror moment for sure, I found the height of the elements so extreme that it felt comedic. Like, this poor little girl is seeing her father’s rotted and torn apart corpse as fungal tentacles rip from every angle! She is scarred for life!

Swamp Thing: Now, what I didn’t understand through this episode was that I thought Swamp Thing was the one who killed those men in the beginning. I thought the series was taking the direction of building to his reveal. Nope!

Just moments after we have that moment between Alec and Abby, REALLY well done  by the way, we see our man get shot multiple times before falling into the swamp. As the boat exploded my faint memory of Swamp Thing comics began to return…

Alec IS Swamp Thing! What a great introduction episode.

I would have liked a little more time for him to spend with Abby as human, but that’s cool! I’m excited for what’s to come.

I also should say, Swamp Thing looks GOOD. The costume that Derek Mears is wearing is fantastic. I think they’ve setup something really special with this pilot episode. There’s a lot of potential for sure. I mean, come on, it’s a horror comic-book series!

I’m actually glad that the episode count was brought down to ten. I hope that doesn’t mean the season finale will have an awkward conclusion (like Titans).

Time will tell! Can’t wait to get back to the Swamp next week.

I give episode one of Swamp Thing a 4/5 potatoes.


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