‘Swamp Thing’ Cancelled: Uuuuhhh

SO, it has just been reported that DC Universe’s latest installment, Swamp Thing,  has been cancelled after just one episode… talk about a horror situation.

Some might recall that weeks ago the episode count for the season was reduced from thirteen to ten with little to no explanation as to why. For damage control, the streaming service decided to drop the first teaser image for the protector of the green; an image that was, in my opinion, pretty damn good!

I watched the pilot episode and gave my review. Overall, I thought it had a ton of promise! It leaned in HEAVY to the horror genre and managed to gross the F@#%@ out of me! Is that everyone’s cup of tea? Not at all. It certainly isn’t mine. Yet, I appreciated what the series was trying to do with the property. Horror has been the genre that comic book adaptations hasn’t been able to break into (at least not successfully) and it seemed the series was on its way to pull it off.

 What seems to be happening here is collateral damage from the announcement of the expected juggernaut that will be Disney+. It’s changing the game!

With Time Warner falling under new management, the looming competition to come, and a very slow production rate for original content, it may be that the DC Universe streaming service as a whole might be in trouble.

There have been whispers that there is interest in launching a streaming platform for Warner Entertainment and should that be the case, the existence of the DC Universe streaming service may become redundant.

I can only assume that the higher ups were not taking too well to the extreme visuals of the series and how isolating it was in terms of target audiences. This presents a curious case for the shows yet to air (Stargirl and Harley Quinn).

The second season of Titans is already into production but will Doom Patrol get a green light?

Time will tell I guess…

You will still be able to see all ten episodes of the first and only season of Swamp Thing over on DC Universe.



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