‘Wizards Unite’ is Dull

Look everyone, I’m a potterhead. I am. I’ve read the books so many times I lost count. I enjoyed the films. I believe the first ten years of this century were brighter because of those books and movies. That being said, what the hell is happening to this franchise?!

I’m getting so frustrated! Remember when Harry Potter was the top dog?! I understand that time moves on and things change, but this just hurts, ya’ll.

I downloaded the game yesterday to see what we had and, to me, it’s just not interesting. Perhaps because it feels slightly like a plagiarized Pokemon Go? 

Yes, I’m frustrated at the decline of the franchise, but what adds another layer of ire is that it feels like the elements to bring it back to glory is right in front of us all!

If they want to step into the gaming sphere then they need to commit to something big or cut it out. With the soon to release playstation and Xbox, a Wizarding World game feels like the obvious way to go.

If we’re never going to get more books (I really think she could solve world hunger if she wrote another series and donated everything to charity), and the movies is the only future (which is limiting how much we can engage), then open-world gaming seems like the best option.

Give us a game where I can walk and fly all over the grounds of Hogwarts. Give me a game where I can catch and collect magical creatures if you really want to copy something from the Pokemon schematic. Give me a game where I can visit all these schools of magic that were introduced on Pottermore.

With so many big franchise games that provide these open-world features it baffles me that the Wizarding World’s thinking is so tame.

Or is it? I have my fingers crossed that this dull product is only the beginning. We saw the release of Pokemon Let’s Go last year that incorporated mechanics and actual gameplay connection to the Pokemon Go app. Could the Wizarding World be considering something similar for a console release? I F***** hope so!!

Yes, i remember the leaked gaming visuals from a possible potter game that has not been mentioned since. I’m still praying it was something real because it looked VERY promising.


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