‘Charlie’s Angels’ Trailer Discussion

Good morning, Charlie!

The trailer for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot starring Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska has officially dropped! Thoughts? Let’s begin.

Pandering: The trailer opens with Kristen Stewart looking directly at the camera and saying, ” I think women can do anything.” UGHHH!!! As famously said by Sammie from the Jersey Shore, STAAAAHHPP.

It’s Charlie’s Angels; it’s one of the most iconic female lead properties EVER, you’re using guns, you’re kicking ass, you’re using tech and explosives, you’re brilliant, you’re beautiful- you don’t have to SAY this. The trailer and the movie will speak for themselves!

Three Bosley’s?: Elizabeth Banks appears to be the film’s Bosley yet IMDb also has Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou listed in the role. So, is “Bosley” just a title as it was used for Bernie Mac (RIP) in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle? I’m glad to SEE Stewart, but after he came on screen my immediate thought was- this guy would have been the PERFECT voice for Charlie! Alas, not the case.

We’ll see what Banks does with the role, though for me, it always seemed crucial that Bosley be male. He was always somewhat an unofficial angel. Yet, with Banks as the first female Bosley it makes we wonder why she’s just not in there with the other three in the signature pose? You’re female and you work for the same place?

The Angels: I don’t have much to say at this point. The actresses they picked look just fine. Major respect to Naomi Scott for first landing a power ranger role, then princess Jasmine, and now one of the Charlie’s Angels. Does this woman have an icon checklist she’s trying to get through?

Anyway, the trailer teases some of the most memorable elements to the franchise- explosions, hair flips, wigs, wacky costumes, and yes even a random dance number? It looks to be a somewhat more grounded version of the angels than the 2000 and 2003 versions but still tries to hold on to elements that made those films memorable. Well, memorable for some. I loved them!

Has this trailer inspired a stronger interest to go see it? Meh. I think it might come down to the Rotten Tomato score for me unfortunately.

Charlie’s Angels releases November 15, 2019



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