‘Young Justice: Outsiders” New Release Schedule

The fan FAVORITE animated series is  set to return this Tuesday, July 2, over on DC Universe. If you liked the release format for the first half of the season- tough luck! The streaming service has decided to go with a different battle plan for the back thirteen.

This Tuesday will copy the previous premiere with three episodes (14-16) but after that will switch to one episode per week. This is likely due to the lack of original content hitting the DC streaming service, the cancellation of Swamp Thing, and trying to find ways to keep fans coming back for a longer stretch of time.

At the moment we know that there are still a hand full of new shows set to release this year (Stargirl, Harley, and Titans season 2) but will this project get the green light for season four? I hope so!

There’s no doubt that the most anticipated series for the streaming service was Young Justice. How often do you hear of not just a series, but an animated one, getting revived YEARS after it’s death?!

I cannot stress enough that this isn’t only the best DC animated series of all time, but likely the best superhero SHOW ever made. Yes, it’s just an opinion, but I’m ready to argue when you are.



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