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‘The New Gods’ vs ‘The Eternals’

Don’t know who The Eternals are? Not to worry, neither do most comic fans! I would consider myself a “committed-casual” comic reader and, in reality, had very little information about the property before the film was announced. Now, despite the comic not being a big hitter amongst readers, it certainly is involved in some weird […]

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Episode 32 – Context To Content

Wow, the hiatus is over folks and your favorite podcast is BACK! The boys are on the couch and we’ve got a great episode this week. Right off the bat, we review Disney’s remake of the ‘Lion King’ (0:02:00)then to stay on theme, we get into the ‘Little Mermaid’ casting controversy and which princesses can’t […]

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Streaming Service Wars: Taking Down Netflix

A long time ago, in a prosperous cable tv industry far far away… Netflix video streaming was born, and thus, the streaming service war began. Before we get into that however, lets see how we got there. Since 1948, when cable first started broadcasting on televisions across multiple states, we’ve all been immersed in its […]

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