Art Spotlight – Miles Teves

Today’s art spotlight focuses on illustrator and sculptor Miles Teves, who works in the seemingly under appreciated field of special FX sculpting (among other things). When first coming across his site and seeing his work, you immediately notice the pure talent he has for bringing fantasy creatures to life. Having started his career in Los Angeles around 1984, he was working right through the heart of the Star Wars era of film. An era where out of this world fantasy monsters, robots, and creatures were taking over cinema and the hearts of millions.

Below are a few of his pieces, from his first one while working for the movie ‘LEGEND’ in 1984, to his more recent work creating concept art for movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Iron Man’. Perhaps our favorite thing about him though, is that he was the one who created the iconic and hilarious ‘nipple’ costumes for one of 17 Waverly Podcasts favorite movies, ‘Batman and Robin’. Check him out below and visit his site for more about him at

Final look of his creation for the moving Legend
Concept for the Robin outfit
Rommel RB

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