‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Review

I had the wonderful chance to see Spider-Man 2 last night- oh no, not Sam Raimi’s with Doctor Octopus. Nope, not the Spider-Man 2 with Electro and the five seconds of Rhino. Yes, the latest Spider-Man 2, Far From Home, featuring Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal!

Let’ get to it!

The Good 

Comic Come to Life: I have said this multiple times in the past-comic characters adapted to film continue to grow and creators are taking bigger risks to be even more comics accurate as years continue to pass. This movie right here though? There is a sequence between Spider-Man and Mysterio that is literally like seeing a live-action episode of the 90’s cartoon. My jaw was dropped for the entire illusion battle! Well, when I wasn’t getting really dizzy from the visuals…

This film was insanely fun to watch because of seeing Spider-Man unapologetically fight the foes from his rogues gallery. Sure, the film adapts the character of Mysterio to make some (accurate) comments about today, but that’s another reason to love these characters; time goes on but they’re so rich that you can find ways to bring them to life for a different age while still keeping the spirit of the original present.

Passing of the Torch: Ever since Tony dropped in on Peter back in Civil War, I knew that we were looking at the future of the MCU. Some might disagree because of Spider-Man still being, and likely will always be, a Sony property. However, that didn’t stop this film from having Marvel Studios written all over every poster! It might be a Sony film, but the audiences see it simply as part of the MCU. If they’re able to use him as they see fit for their own purposes, why wouldn’t they make him the future center of their universe?

It seems by the conclusion of this film that it’s exactly where they’re going! The moment where Peter begins to construct his new suit and Happy looks on nostalgically confirmed it for me. Spider-Man has always been the face of Marvel comics and it seems only right that he take his place after the departure of Ironman.

Peter and MJ: I love me some Zendaya ya’ll. I feel like if this were 20th Century Fox or any other company playing with the characters that audiences would revolt on this version of MJ. She’s such a 180 from the original spitfire yet, she is a spitfire nonetheless.

Regardless, their chemistry in this film is incredible. It is probably the best on-screen chemistry for any pairing in the MCU thus far? I’m taking a pause to think about it and I think I’m going to stick to that…

Anyway, their a blast on-screen together and I just LOVED her reaction to swinging around with him- It’s not fun! She’s never doing that again! I would have the same reaction MJ. Not. I. Said. The. Cat.


The Bad

No Earth 616 then, huh: It was a great movie, guys. I really don’t have any complaints about it. My only issue has nothing to do with the film itself but everything to do with it’s place in the MCU; I’m just an intense comic fan and I want information ASAP!

In a way, yes, this film serves as the epilogue for the Infinity Saga as it sets up the new lead. However, I had so many expectations! We all heard Mysterio bring up Earth 616 in the trailer and that he would be coming to introduce the multiverse to the MCU. Not only was that a lie, but then Mysterio in very meta fashion insults the audience for buying it!

With the death of the multiverse it eliminates the option for that being the bridge to the X-Men. Ugh, fine.

I held my breath to wait for some post-credit hope! Alas, we received a scene where J. Jonah Jameson (played by J.K. Simmons, I can’t believe it, what can the MCU not do?) shows footage where the ass-hat Mysterio tells the whole world about Peter’s true identity! What does this mean for the sequel? What does this mean for his family and friends? What does this mean for the MCU at large? As far as I can tell, there’s never been a circumstance where the world knew who Spider-Man really was. Well, unless he died.

I’m also concerned that we might have to wait YEARS before we find out. Next year we have the Black Widow movie which will be a period piece, and The Eternals which is set to take place thousands of years in the past. After that there is a certain Captain Marvel 2, Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, and perhaps the introduction of the Fantastic Four? Not sure where Spider-Man 3 falls on the map but, again, I think it will be years before we find out what happens.

The final post-credit scenes shows that Fury and Hill were really Talos and his wife for the entire film! My question then becomes, how LONG have they been impersonating these people?! How many other characters are really skrull in disguise?

Does Fury in space mean that we’ll be getting the set-up for SWORD? Oh I could go for days. Let’s just wrap it up with the score.

I give Spider-Man: Far From Home a 4 out of 5 potatoes.



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