‘Young Justice’ and the Mystery of the Token Gay Character

Young Justice has returned for the second half of its third season over on DC Universe. While I’m enjoying the plot unfold and getting to see more familiar faces for the DC world make their series debut, I am still caught up on trying to figure out just WHO the show-runners were referring to when they said, “gay characters have always been present on the team.”

I blogged about this during the first half of the season. Though I haven’t posted reviews for the latest episodes, they did provide more information for who could and couldn’t be ruled out.

So, let’s take it from the top people! Team roll call!

Just like last time, since Weisman said the character(s) have been present since the end of season two, we will omit the mention of any outsiders or others brought on since the beginning of the current season.

S1 characters

Nightwing- No. He is very much with Barbara Gordon.

Superboy- He is engaged to Miss Martian

Miss Martian- ditto

Kid Flash- Dead and was with Artemis

Artemis- Dated Wally and is now getting feelings for her sisters baby daddy?! Artemis, look at your life. Look at your choices.

Aqualad (now the Aquaman)- was in love with Tulla and went to Atlantis to try and win her back?

Zatanna- Had a thing with Dick

Rocket- Seems to be a mom now and wanted to kiss Aqualad at the end of season One

Red Arrow- Had a daughter with Chesire and seems to have feelings for Artemis

S2 characters

Wondergirl- with Tim

Robin- With Wondergirl

Lagoon Boy- super into Miss Martian and MIA this season

Mal- in love with Bumblebee

Bumblebee- Pregnant now! Is it Mal’s?

Batgirl/oracle- with Dick

Blue Beetle- Officially confirmed to be dating Thirteen

Impulse/kid flash- Nothing….

Beast Boy- Dating the young queen

Static Shock- Officially whining to everyone and everything that he needs to get a girlfriend.

Arsenal- Nothing either but what a dick

As of now it seems the only possible ones would be Bart and Arsenal. I know when Aqualad was brought into the comics they made him gay. Could this version be bisexual? Possibly, but to have a bisexual character whose main focus was his lost love being a woman feels a bit tokenism and an after thought to me.

Could there be a reveal for one of these characters? Who knows! Weisman, throw us a clue!



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