Are The ‘Young Avengers’ Coming?

With the mountain of announcements from Hall H yesterday comes the news that Kate Bishop will be making her MCU debut in the upcoming Hawkeye series for Disney+.

Hmm… With her introduction that brings us to two members of the Young Avengers making their live-action appearance (Cassie Lang all grown-up in Avengers: Endgame). 

Will the young team make their way to theaters in phase 5? You bet your F****** a*** they are!

Who is missing? Well, the team has consisted of several different players. I have a hunch on who will fill out the rest of the group…

1: Wiccan: Though the following characters have not yet been confirmed, there is certainly the spaces for their introductions in the near future. To kick it off, we can’t have a Young Avengers team without the powerhouse, Wiccan. He can be teased in the upcoming WandaVision and even has space to appear in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. Why? Well, because Wiccan is the reincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch! Like his mama, Billy has the power the warp reality; by repeating what he wants to occur he can make it manifest. It’s like what that book The Secret goes on about but if it were actually F**** magic. Also, in the comics, Wiccan is revealed to be the next sorcerer supreme after Doctor Strange hangs up the enchanted cape. For this reason, I can certainly see how we could find his introduction coming sooner rather than later.

2: Hulkling: No, no- not just a knock-off of the original Hulk. Don’t get it twisted; this kid is SO much more than that! It’s revealed in the comics that Hulkling is really half Kree and half (royal) Skrull! That is right, he is the only living being to possess DNA from the feuding races. Both space groups have been introduced into the MCU thanks to Captain Marvel which means he could appear in an upcoming sequel!

Time will tell.

3: Loki(?): No, not the adult version. In the comics, Loki dies (again…) and manages to escape death by having Hela remove him from the book of the dead. Therefore, Loki also reincarnates into a new young version of himself. The question is… will THIS be the route that the new Loki series is taking? If so, it will only further confirm suspicions that the Young Avengers will be making their big screen debut.

4: Patriot: Lastly, what’s the Young Avengers without another OG member, Eli Bradly. Where can we possibly meet young Eli? Well, it goes to the Disney+ shows once again; Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be an EXCELLENT place to tease this character.  Having a family history with the super solider serum means it could make for an interesting storyline in the limited series.

Overall, yes, I too notice that just about all of these characters have a place to appear in the limited Marvel series’ coming to us in 2021. Overall, it may be the underlying mission of these shows. After all, phase 1 introduced us to the original Avengers- why not a new platform for story telling to introduce the new generation?

Now, you might be wondering, how can there be two teams of Avengers on the big screen? Well, I suspect we might not be getting an adult Avengers for quite some time. Things might be getting a bit more Ultimate. More on that later!


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