Avengers Who? Prepare for The Ultimates

One fun piece of casting news over from the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H was the intriguing addition of (a personally highly anticipated) adult Monica Rambeau!

Yes, Teyonah Parris will be joining the cast of Disney+ WandaVision in 2021.

Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but this means we now have three of the five highlighted members of the superhero team, The Ultimates!

Who are we missing? Why, thank you for asking.

America Chavez and Blue Marvel are the final two members that need to appear in order for us to have the full all-star roster. Where can they make their appearance? This is where I’m stumped…

America has too appeared as a member of the Young Avengers. Though I would love for her to join that band of misfits my hopes for her is to kick some ass with these other power houses.

I have a VERY strong feeling that the Young Avengers will be making their debut in theaters for phase 5 of the MCU. With the X-Men and Fantastic Four confirmed to be arriving sooner rather than later, I can cast my guess that the Avengers title, at least for the adults, will take a backseat in order to make room for this new team of A-listers.

I don’t mean to sound PC, but the future of the MCU is looking more inclusive every day and I am proud to be a comic fan in 2019.





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