‘Blade’ Making His Return In the MCU

My nerd brain is going to explode. I cannot keep up!

Ok, ok… Yesterday at Hall H we got a mic drop coming out of nowhere; Mahershala Ali has been cast to play Blade in the MCU for a phase 5 film.

I. Cannot. Someone get the holy water because I have been TOUCHED.

This is yet another casting announcement that has me scratching my head; why didn’t any of us see this before!? Well, I’m glad that Kevin Feige did!

Though I too was on board for Wesley Snipes to reprise his role, I can  think of no one better to take it on moving forward. What an EXCELLENT way to end the panel for Marvel.

There is no announcement for a release date. However, with Disney Expo coming next month, I’m sure we will be getting a more detailed release schedule as well as more big casting announcements.



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