‘The Fantastic Four’ Officially Confirmed For MCU

There is so much to cover from this years Comic-con! I will do my best to keep up. First, I think it’s only right to talk about the first family of superheroes- the Fantastic Four.

Yes, Kevin Feige, after dropping some major bombs, decided to casually confirm that the heroes WILL be joining the MCU after phase 4. Now, though this might make people upset, the truth is that this will be the shortest phase yet? Yes, phase four seems to conclude with the upcoming Thor film (article coming later) just a mere two years from now.

Casting: There is no news regarding casting for the upcoming film. Perhaps at next month’s Disney Expo we can expect to get some more bomb drops like the Blade casting (yup, another article coming on that as well).

Personally, just like the rest of the internet, I am really hoping for John Krasinski and partner Emily Blunt to be cast in the roles of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. To me they are a similar case as Ryan Reynolds’ casting for Deadpool; it’s as if they were born to play those roles.

I am willing to bet money this is going to be the case. I just am. I know Krasinski made it quite far in the Captain America casting process. I believe he even got to do a costume test! As for Emily Blunt, we know she has been strong on the MCU radar; first pick for Black Widow but had to turn down the role, and even made it far in the process for Captain Marvel. Therefore, she’s no stranger to the MCU and her casting as Sue Storm feels almost inevitable.

Curse of the Reboot?: Ultimately, a third reboot of the franchise will not hurt it’s chances. If anything, I think it will only help. The first two attempts obviously did not do that well with audiences to put it kindly. I believe the negative fame of the previous two renditions will only serve to hype up the expectation for a Feige lead Fantastic Four film. It’s incredible that this might take place just some three years from now! If this is so, we can really expect some casting announcements sooner rather than later.

Where to Kick Off?: The only thing regarding the ‘reboot disease’, that Marvel likely already knows to avoid, is the insipid origin story. That, indeed, we have gotten twice and do not need again. I’m hoping we get them already powered the same way they introduced us to Spider-Man. In fact, I’m hoping we get to see a FF with Valeria and Franklin Richards already in the fold. It would be new! You have to admit!

Alas, going back and reading some issues of the Future Foundation and Ultimate FF I’m hoping not just for the heart of the IP that so often brings a tear to my eye but I’m hoping that they lean in HARD on the science. Give it to us Feige!




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