Alan Moore F****** Hates HBO’s ‘Watchmen’: I’m Here For It

Oh what a time to be a Watchmen fan. I have seen the released trailer, and though I’m a HUGE fan of the graphic novel (a book I suggest everyone, and I mean EVERYONE read) I am equally intrigued and mesmerized be its creator, Alan Moore.

Not familiar with the grumpy genius? Well, in the comic world he is known for his creations such as Batman’s The Killing Joke, his run on Swamp Thing, which brought the character to critical acclaim, the mind-blowing V for Vendetta, and of course the unmatched Watchmen.  

Now, when I say this man is grumpy I am putting it VERY nicely. Having known about the creator for some time I can tell you that Alan Moore HATES any and all adaptations of his work. He is not for it AT. ALL.

This man has spoken some real S*** when it has come to live-action versions of his creations or even taking his characters and recycling them with new writers/artists. Can we understand the anger? After all, imagine creating a piece of intellectual property that was your creative baby that when you ultimately left the company where you gave birth to them, you are forced to leave them behind so they can use those creations to cash grab indefinitely.

I’d be a little sour about it too, Alan!

Considering how he went to town on the film adaptation of Watchmen  some years ago, I have to say I was the “gritted teeth  emoji” when I saw the trailer for the upcoming series. I just KNEW this man was going to cause some cups full of water to vibrate Jurassic Park style.

Alas, that is the world of comics! I have made it a personal promise to NEVER pick up an issue of Doomsday Clock, the ongoing comic series using the famous Watchmen characters, as I knew good ol’ Alan Moore would not approve.

Yet, this is HBO, ya’ll. I have to at the very least give this weird pilot a shot and see just what the hell they’re up to, because I have to tell you… It looks and feels nothing like the comic.

Watchmen is set to premiere some time in 2019.


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