Time to Call Time of Death for ‘The New Mutants’

Everyone may remember the dumpster fire that was Dark Phoenix (or maybe not… not like anyone went to go see it), but what may have gone under the radar for some is how that movie was being described as Fox Studios’ final project in the world of the mutants. Umm… this is awkward.

Almost two years ago Fox Studios released the first and only trailer for it’s horror film, The New Mutants, a spin-off film that would have released after the final X film. What is this group of young weirdos?

Well, based on a younger team, the New Mutants was a spin-off comic released in the early 80’s. Like it’s flagship title, the Uncanny X-Men, The New Mutants took several issues before finding it’s beat. That day came with the release of issue #18 which kicked off the famous Demon Bear Saga that, coincidentally enough, was the inspiration for the unreleased film.

So, what happened to the project? Shortly after the release of the initial trailer the film went through several release date push-backs until ultimately landing on August 2, 2019. Well, this just keeps getting more and more f****** awkward…

Nope; there indeed has been no new trailers, no new promotional materials, no announcements about a release next week, and ultimately we can conclude there’s no New Mutants coming to a theater near you!

Since the MCU acquired Fox it was speculated that the film would be shelved indefinitely, and now it seems that will certainly be the case. Why?

The New Mutants was slated to be a horror film, yet with last weeks presentation at SDCC19 the MCU proudly announced that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will in fact be the MCU’s first ever horror project. This is just getting too awkward…. we should probably just go…

Do I wish we could see the New Mutants? Of course! Though Dark Phoenix left such a terrible flavor in the mouths of fans that I can understand the group fading off into nothing…

Disney still owns shares in the Hulu streaming service so perhaps there is a chance they can quietly launch the film over on that platform with zero to no announcement/hype. A shameless, “uh, this is here if anyone wants it” in the break room kind of deal!

Time will tell…


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