‘Herogasm’ is Coming (no pun intended) to ‘The BOYS’ in Season 3

Have you finished the eight episode first season of Amazon’s new original, The Boys? No? Well what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

For those of you that have, and are starting to feel the withdrawal, I have some news that is going to make the symptoms a little worse.

None comic fans have just recently become aware by watching the season that this IP is f***** up in grounding and, at the same time, hysterical ways. It deconstructs the superhero genre while making us laugh and gasp from the buckets of bloodshed.

The one thing about the series that DID seem more tame was the use of sex. The comic is unapologetically borderline pornographic at times. The best example would be the six-issue story titled, Herogasm. It is literally six issues of the boys infiltrating a weekend-long superhero retreat where everyone does drugs and engages in multiple orgies.

Creators of the show recently confirmed that should they get the green light for season 3, an episode will release dedicated completed to the miniseries! I see what you’re doing there! Really trying to secure those horny viewers!

No, it was not a typo; the episode would be planned for the THIRD season of the series. However, not to worry degenerates, you can purchase the issues to the miniseries online somewhere! Or, if you just want to know more about the main story, you can always join us fans and read some issues of the comic or grab a copy of the trade paperbacks in the meantime.




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