‘House of X’ #2 Reveals the Truth of Moira X


I had my chance to finish the latest issue of Jonathan Hickman’s (mind-blowing) mutant epic. Where issue #1 presented us with new elements to the present and Powers of X #1 introduced us to a new future, this week’s House of X #2 opened ten doors to a new multi-dimensional past.

We we were not ready.

It turns out the seemingly normal and human, Moira MacTaggert, has been a mutant this whole time! Oh, and not just THIS time but nine others! Confused? Let me explain; Moira’s mutant ability is discrete yet powerful- reincarnation.

Moira has the power to be reborn and do her life over with all the knowledge and memories of her past attempts. The X-men continuity as we know it (since 1963) all form a part of her 10th attempt at life. So, let’s break down the many lives of Moira X.

Life 1: This was the boring and dull normal existence of the character. She lived, got married, had some babies, had some grand-babies, then checked out. Simple right? Only thing is the next thing she knew she was back in her mothers womb ready to do it all over again!

Life 2: She quickly realized, while being forced to play with some blocks as a toddler or some other basic s***, that something was UP. She could participate in the same motions of her first attempt and everything would turn out as she knew it, or she could make new choices and change the course of history.

Having already loved, married, and lived with a man from her first life, she chose to say f*** that and not marry him again in this second attempt. There is a wonderful line in the issue where she mentions that love is less exciting when you already know all there is to know about the person before it begins. No, instead, she wanted to investigate this ability of hers and visit the man named Charles Xavier; yet, her plane crashed on the way over and she was right back in her mom’s womb. Though it shook me it also felt a tad comedic in a “Kenny from South Park” sort of way. Any-who…

Life 3: Here she met Xavier and thought he was (and I agree) a f****** a*******. Instead of cozy-up to the man, she dedicated this life to science and finding the cure for mutation and she SUCCEEDED. Before she could release the “gift” to the public the brotherhood found her.

They killed her friends, destroyed her lab, and gave us the BADDEST scene Destiny has ever been in! Remember that Destiny has the ability to see the future. She tells Moira that she can either be reborn and keep trying to administer this cure where Destiny will always see it coming, and will kill her just the same(damn, girl okay. We see you) OR Moira can dedicate her gift to helping mutants… She can dedicate the lives left to come (a max of which there are 10 or 11) to finding a way to bring mutants to a better tomorrow.

*Sigh for a beautiful moment*….Then she orders Pyro to slowly burn her alive.

Life 4: Well that last one stung! Yet Moira dedicates herself to Destiny’s offer. She finds Xavier, finds he’s not that bad, urges him to make the Xavier School, and even marries him! Hooray! Mutant peace! Oh, nope, just kidding; Sentinels show up and murder everyone in a rich Days of Future Past fashion.

Life 5: Well, F***. Diapers and childhood again! THIS time she goes to Charles and throws out the Xavier school idea. Rough draft people, rough draft! Instead, she convinces him to make a sanctuary state for all mutants. Hooray! Mutant peace! What’s that? Sentinels came to that place too and absolutely murdered everyone? Well, that means-


Life 7: Moira Croft- Trask Raider! In round seven, Moira has HAD IT! She goes all Rambo on the creators of the sentinels and bops the entire Trask family! However, in a poetic and true to time travel stories manner, Moira discovers that the Trask family is not the problem; technological advancements are destined to be a part of the human/mutant war and if they don’t develop the machines someone else will. What? Oh, yeah, those terminators COOKED her. Next life please!

Life 8: F*** Xavier. That didn’t work. Let’s give Magneto a shot! Let’s get radical with this s***! However, Avengers and mutants team up to take out Magneto, and Moira goes to prison. She dies in an escape attempt. Reset!

Life 9:  Tired girl? Us too. Maybe Magneto wasn’t extreme ENOUGH. Moira decides to pay muscle daddy, Apocalypse, a visit and open his tomb to wake him from his slumber! In doing so it seems she beds the gorilla juice-head and helps him take over the world! Even bops Magneto and Xavier in the process. Coldblooded. Of course it doesn’t work. Nimrod gets in that mess and cancels the whole plan.

Life 10: In the womb, giving the biggest eye-roll that perfectly embodies the phrase “I can’t even,” she decides to go bigger. She knows she’s almost out of lives, ya’ll. It’s now or never. She has to really sell this s***! She finds Xavier again (killed you a couple times-awkward) and shows him all that she knows from her past nine lives.

This tenth life is the Marvel Universe as we know it. Xavier has always known the things to come and what would BEcome of his pupils. Though, I’m sure not everything... this lifetime is still unique in that Xavier and Moira knew everything of the lives before which would suggest different choices were made this time around… Did that make sense?

Anyway, would it be reasonable to believe that events such as the Phoenix are unique to the 10th life? What else is possibly unique to the 10th experience that Moira and Xavier couldn’t foresee from the past attempts?

Regardless, one thing  seems certain- the endgame has never been the Xavier Institute or even a world where mutants and humans could coexist. The goal has always been Krakoa.

We are three issues into Hicks-Men and I can’t wait to see how our minds continue to get blown!





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