‘The Joker’ Final Trailer: I Have No Idea What It’s About, but I Relate??

Yesterday we were treated to the second and FINAL trailer for Todd Phillips’ upcoming The Joker.  As said before, on the podcast and on this very blog, I have been very skeptical about this movie; how do you have Joker without his better half?!

Well, the final trailer, much like the first, does very little to tell us what the plot is going to be. Yet, I found myself (on a strictly emotional level) connecting with what I was seeing.

I know the script has leaked online, but I am trying to be a good fan and keep my distance. For now, I am going off of the suspicion that the story revolves around the thesis of, “we are all just one bad day away from losing our minds.” Of course, we can tell Phoenix’s Joker has had more than just a bad day, but isn’t that so many of us?

A part of me wishes that the film weren’t set in the 70’s because it appears as if there is so much here that is speaking to a very real element of today’s culture; overwhelming mental illness, CHOOSING what is fact and fiction, extreme distrust in our systems to the point of chaos etc.

We certainly will be getting early buzz (positive or negative) from the film as it’s set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival this coming week.

Fingers crossed for another DC hit!


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