‘TITANS’ Season 2 Premiere; Did it Deliver?

Alright, this was a messy one. Let’s begin! Let’s go through the good, the bad, and all thing Titans season premiere!


Deathstroke: Deathstroke made his debut at the end of this episode and, not only is he a DILF, but he is a latin one. Amen! We got our look at his uniform, the white hair, and the iconic eyepatch. I’m really rooting for Esai Morales (Slade Wilson) in this role because season one had a severe villain problem. Us comic fans know this is THE Titans villain and I’m excited to see where they go. A big plus is that we’ll be meeting Ravager and Jericho this season as well which should give even more weight to Morales’ portrayal.

Donna Troy Suited: My Wonder Girl is Donna Troy. When she premiered in season one I prayed to the nerd gods we would get to see her in the red and gold-star uniform. Thus, my prayers have been answered! Of course, that was somewhat of a daydream flashback(?) and what clips we have seen from this season in promos appear to be flashbacks as well (Dick is in his Robin uniform in those clips and we know that he burned it last season).

Will she wear the red and gold in current times? I hope so! Though I can see a transition for her to Troia the way we’re going to get Robin to Nightwing. After all, you can’t be a “lad” and a “girl” forever.

Titans Tower: Finally, what really won this episode was its ending. We have Dick, Raven, Jason, and Gar heading into San Francisco (!!) on their way to, yes you guessed it- Titans Tower!

The set looks beautiful, the training rooms looks dope, and it gives me a slight feel of the new animated Hollywood headquarters in Young Justice.

These are the kind of things I want to see brought to this live-action series; give me titans tower and a cast dropping F-bombs left and right! After all, the fans of the animated series are WELL into adulthood now. Finding that happy medium between the past and the present is key.


Whelp, That was Anticlimactic: I couldn’t care about Trigon because for the most part it was a poorly executed plot in season one. I have to give a big chunk of that to the portrayal of Raven by Teagan Croft. She just has NOT embodied that character for me. Raven has a stern silence to her and this Raven has come across as “victim” more than anything.

Sure, she stepped up to the plate to take out her father, but I don’t know… The piece just doesn’t seem to fit. It’s unfortunate considering it’s a series that has made some OUTSTANDING casting choices; Ryan Potter as Beast Boy, Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, and Conor Leslie as Donna Troy are just magnificent. I hoped for more with this character and who knows, maybe we’ll get it this season!

She took out her dad (who was poorly animated) and has her signature red crystal so there may be more growth for her yet.

That is NOT Bruce Wayne: Speaking of poorly cast… Who the F**** did this? I LOVE Jorah. Don’t get me wrong. Iain Glen is a phenomenal actor but people- HE IS NOT BRUCE WAYNE.

Bruce Wayne is tortured and this guy seems just so f***** happy to be here! He feels more like Alfred when he comes on screen than Batman. I just don’t buy it and I hope we don’t have to see him in a Batman costume because I suspect it will look ridiculous.

Also worth mentioning- that accent was cringe. If and when Bruce returns I am not against a recast and I will gladly pretend this shot didn’t happen.

Guys, Season one was meh and this season premiere felt more like clean-up and redirection than anything else. However, ending it in San Francisco with Titans Tower and the long list of new characters we know we’re getting this year has me pumped.

Until Episode 2!







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