Jharrel Jerome Wins Emmy for”When They See Us”; Will He Be Our Mister Miracle?

Just some minutes ago we had the pleasure of seeing Jharrel Jerome accept his first Emmy for his work in When They See Us. Now, not just any Emmy, but the Emmy for Best Lead Actor!

HUGE moment for this 21-year-old talent from the Bronx.

Now, my nerd brain goes immediately to thoughts on Ava DuVernay’s next project, The New Gods. 

DuVernay herself has said that she often brings talent from previous projects into the next, and I have a feeling that Jharrel’s win tonight could easily make him a front-runner for the DC property cast.  To play who exactly?

Why, Mister Miracle of course! Playing the natural born son of High Father of the planet New Genesis, Mister Miracle was offered up in a trade in order to secure peace with the rival planet, Apokalips. That’s right, ya’ll! Darkseid is the adoptive father of this character!

There is a kindness to Jerome’s face and very much to how he carries himself. Mister Miracle, despite growing up in a torturous environment, never surrendered his optimist nature. I would like to see him to a stab at the New God character even though he could very well take on the role of Orion; the natural born son of Darkseid given to High Father in the previously mentioned truce.

Time will tell! For now though, happy for this talented actor winning such a prize.


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