Spider-Man Deal Reached: Two More Films for Disney/Sony

Some prematurely mourned the death of Spider-Man in the MCU while the rest of us knew Disney was tied by the balls the entire time.

Sure, the House of Mouse might be a juggernaut, but when it came to the Spider-Man property- they were too deep in not to fold to Sony’s demands; Far From Home established Peter Parker as a central piece of the MCU moving forward, Disney has launched a Marvel park with Spider-Man rides, and ultimately Sony still holds control of the IP.

Now, the new peace established only secures TWO more films with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. He will star in the third solo film that will release in 2021, which will likely conclude his personal trilogy. Also, he will star in one more crossover MCU film.

Now, we have the ENTIRE slate of projects for Marvel Phase 4. Therefore, it is unlikely we will be seeing him in one of the upcoming films and will rather appear in phase 5. With this all but confirmed, it concludes that Spider-Man 3 will be the first film to release of the pair.

What will be the overall plan? At this point, I could see Sony agreeing to the deal in order to conclude this iteration of the character; one more solo movies completes a trilogy and one more MCU crossover could see him off.

Is that what the folks at Marvel likely intended? Probably not! I think because of Peter’s age in the films there could be so much to explore of the character moving forward for the next five to ten years.

Alas, Sony might be ready to launch that live-action spider universe and introduce fan favorites like Miles Morales, Gwen Stacie, and maybe even Miguel O’Hara.

As for where they will take Spider-Man 3? Revisiting Venom perhaps? He has already solidified a strong solo box office and has a sequel on the way next year. If it’s a strong box office that Sony wants, then this might be how to insure it.



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