‘TITANS’ 2×04: ‘Aqualad’

It is Monday so that means it is time for another review/rant on the latest episode of DC Universe’s, Titans!


Varsity Team: So, for the first time this week we got to visit the good old days(?) when the original Titans members occupied the tower. We had Dick once again in his Robin suit, Hawk, Dove, Donna Troy, and, a new face, Aqualad!

I enjoyed getting to see the original team assembled for the entire episode as it heavily implied that we would be getting the answers as to what happened that made them all go their separate ways.

The opening fight sequence with the five was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the banter among them as well. Now, if I’m being honest, some stuff did fall flat. They’re just not that fun of a group!

I know, I know, this is SERIOUS Titans, but still! The five don’t really seem to have all that much chemistry between them besides the fact that they’re unreasonably attractive.

Yet, overall, I did really enjoy getting the time see the members that started it all.

Donn Troy: Speaking of OG members, this episode had a heavy focus on Donna Troy who is one of my personal favorites from season one. Like Dick Grayson, I think her casting was perfect.

Was her ‘push and pull’ dynamic with Garth a little tired? Yes. To be fair, they only had one episode to get us to invest in them and their long history. Personally, it didn’t sell! Yet, I still appreciated their dynamic and being able to see another side to Donna’s character.

Now, we just need to get better lighting on this set because he costume is probably my favorite of them all and it is always so poorly lit!

Thanks for Sharing: Finally, FINALLY, we are told what the f*** happened that ruined the lives of these individuals. Or have we? We now know that the reason we have not heard or met Aqualad up until now is because he is dead! He was Deathstroke’s first victim.

Hm, a part of me was expecting that this character would hop on at least in a recurring role but, truthfully, after he was murdered, I was fine with the decision? There’s a new favorite Aqualad in town, ya’ll!

Of course it wouldn’t be for this season, but Garth’s momentary addition confirmed Atlantis meaning that somewhere out there is a young Kaldur; extremely attractive young cast in an action-packed drama? You know it’s missing some gayness.

As for Garth’s death being the thing that broke the team apart, that much is yet to be confirmed. We see in the last few minutes that the team finds Deathstroke’s son, Jericho, and does what to him?! Please let him be alive in present day! Chella Man is adorable and brings that innocent exuberance that I remember of the character from the books. I hope he gets to stick around and even have some time with his sister.

I’m not getting my hopes up however, as Rose mentioned she hates Slade for killing her brother…oh no. Did the Titans kill Jericho?


Stop Whispering: Dawn has to stop whispering every damn thing she says. Speak up! I will give it to her for whispering, “Be Batman” to Dick.

This does go into a dangerous area from season one though. This Batman allegedly kills? This seems to all but confirm that these four character murdered Jericho, an innocent young mute for revenge. If that is the case- there’s no going back narratively. At least for me!

I mean, Garth…”: Didn’t care for the character. At all. I was completely fine with his appearance being a “one and done.” Give me Kaldur, baby! Water swords!



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