‘House of X’ Finale: Mutant Orgies..?

This week was the FINALE of the House of X limited series by Jonathan Hickman. Of course, the saga really concludes next week with the final issue of Powers of X, but what we have here is the final piece to understanding the new present for Marvel’s mutants.

How did it all go down? Was there more mind blowing, was it game changing, and do we finally learn where the hell Moira is in all this!? Let’s get to it.

Mutant F****ing is Mandatory: I will dive into the beginning of the issue later. For now I want to discuss the first meeting of the new mutant council which essentially is the first meeting of the newly established mutant government. Personally, I could have thought of some better choices for this council, but I will accept these as I’m sure the seats will be filled by others as the Hickman era (love saying that) continues.

In this meeting we have the council determining the first laws of Krakoa; no mutant shall kill a human, the land is to be respected, and citizens need to create more mutants.

Respecting the land is a bit vague. They might need to dive a bit deeper into what exactly that means. Owning a house or property essentially makes you an owner of that land. If Krakoa is a living being then no mutant can own him. Also, if anyone pisses him off too much he can ultimately just kick them all out. Therefore, how is private space established on this island? Does everyone just sleep outside like some Eden? I’m sure we’ll get more of that as we progress.

No mutant shall kill a human- yeah, that’s not going to last long. Though Sabertooth has been banished for his crimes, this is an entire NATION of mutants we’re talking about here. These crimes WILL be committed again, and I’m sure that’s what Hickman intends. He has laid so many beautiful foundation pieces in these eleven issues for the future titles to play with.

Lastly, they must make more mutants. We know that mutant numbers are low, and though they are the future of human evolution, they may not be developing fast enough to defend their ranks. Eventually, humanity WILL attack. Humanity WILL betray their agreement. Let’s not forget that Emma Frost abused her power and forced the Russian delegation to recognize Krakoan sovereignty, and by the looks of that woman- she f***** knew it!

This WILL be a concern in the future. How that will play out? We will see. For now, we have mutants on an island where they are together and safe; their law is to reproduce and reproduce they will. Yay! No more exclusive Summers babies!

This means we might finally get to see other key mutant characters having children of their own. That is something I feel has been missing from the decades of X-Men books and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Hellfire Bay Baybuuuhh!: Another thing that is established is my excitement for the Marauders book. I wasn’t into the pitch for the idea initially, but Hickman sold it perfectly; Emma Frost is now Krakoa’s East India Trading Company. She will manage the distribution of the new Krakoan drug and will also, with the black and red kings, assist in the smuggling of mutants out of countries that did not recognize Krakoan sovereignty. Who is the red king? KITTY, (now Kate) PRYDE. Sold. Iceman is on the team? Sold. Bishop, a newly established Captain of Krakoa is on the team? Sold. Shaw, Frost, and Pryde all have castles that overlook Hellfire Bay on Krakoa? SOLD. Storm, one of the members of the council will also be featured? Let’s f**** go.

It’s funny how one of the books I felt had the least promise managed to get so hyped by just reading between the lines of these limited runs. I’m here for it, I can’t wait.

What You Staring at Apocalypse?!: Apocalypse in the last issue may have declared he’s all friendly and on board with this plan of Xavier and Magneto, but we can’t overlook the panel where he sits in the distance and watches them both in silence.

There’s more on this ancient mutant’s mind than we know. As a character it’s important for us to note that Apocalypse isn’t exactly “pro mutant” just because he is one. It’s more logical/darwinist than that. Mutants naturally are the next stage in human evolution thus making them, technically, genetically superior to regular humans. Yet, we should remember that Apocalypse doesn’t lean kindly into mutants with lesser abilities or those who truly just have deformities. The fittest survive in his eyes. If humans are able to overpower mutants, than to him, natural selection has chosen to take out mutants. Will he take action to defend Krakoa should the day come or is he merely there to observe? Or worse? Yet another Hickman seed…

Xavier Chills: Lastly, I want to touch on the powerful speech given by Xavier to the people of Earth. Magneto has been a favorite of mine because of these speeches and this time around we got to see Xavier take the stand. Beautifully written and I’m looking forward to more.

Now, it is important to note that this speech was given in the no-space in which Moira resides(!). This is curious. We need remember that in issue #1 of HOX a no-space was a place of Krakoa in which not even Krakoa knows of! Why is Moira being kept so secret? Why doesn’t she participate in the celebration? Why isn’t she a member of the council considering all that she knows from her nine previous lives?

We may have our answer next week!





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