Shortlist for Catwoman Revealed

This morning I was pumped to find on Twitter that the the shortlist for the casting of Catwoman in the upcoming Batman film has been released! Was this an accident? Nah, bitch. This was likely released on purpose for the studio to gain an idea of what direction fans are leaning in order to help (but not control) their decision.

I want to go down the list of each beautiful black actress (So happy they’re going to give us some Eartha Kitt vibes) and see which I think have the strongest chances.

Tessa Thompson: Out of the gates I have to say I don’t think she’s a real contender for the role. Yes, she’s stunning, yes she gives Eartha Kitt vibes to the T, but I just don’t see her opposite Robert Pattinson in this movie.

I know some might think her staple in the MCU makes her a strong contender, but I would hope that Warner Bros. would go with a lesser known actress to really make a debut as Catwoman. Do I think she’ll be offered the role? Nah.

Lupita Nyongo: Lupita is a HAWT commodity these days. Academy award winner, Star Wars family member, Black Panther success, style icon, shoutout in a Beyonce song, and lead in Jordan Peele’s horror success, Us. She has the resume for the job, but do I think she’ll get it? I have my doubts.

Why? I’ll keep it honest- when films have cast people of color in traditionally white roles, they have usually cast an actor or actress who has a lighter complexion. I would be happy if she got the role. I know she would do a phenomenal job because she’s a phenomenal actress. Does the studio have the guts? That’s where I have my doubts.

She’s a hot ticket for sure, but this is Batman. The tickets are going to sell regardless. It’s part of the comic book movie phenomenon where it isn’t so much your cast that sells the movie– it’s the character. In this case, characters, since we know this will feature multiple Batman villains.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw: This is the first actress on the list that I suspect has a real chance of landing the role. First, she falls perfectly into what I mentioned regarding a lesser known actress. This will be the first time for many film viewers seeing her in a role, and that might be what the studio wants; fresh talent.

I am concerned that her look is a little too kind and soft. I’m sorry, Michelle Pfeiffer spoiled us in the 90’s with that intense Selina Kyle. Our Catwoman doesn’t need to be bats*** (no pun intended) but I feel EDGE is needed for a character like this. Especially if they’re going to with the “Robin Hood” angle. I liked Anne Hathaway’s work on the Dark Knight Rises, but ultimately, felt many, many actresses could have done that performance just as good. No shade! I personally would love another iconic performance like Pfeiffer’s though.

Alexandra Shipp: I feel bad for her, ya’ll. She got done dirty with her role as Storm. Big reason I hate seeing X-Men movies is because, for a property that’s really about the ensemble element, there just isn’t enough TIME in film to do characters justice. Storm is a powerhouse goddess and they had her be an ice machine who got beat-up by a guy with mutant hair in Dark Phoenix. Not fair ya’ll, not fair.

I would love her to get redemption though! She got disrespected with the iconic role of Storm, and she might get that Chris Evans, Ben Affleck, and Ryan Reynolds redemption with Catwoman.

I think she has a little bit of that cat-eye action going. I think she’s a big star that just hasn’t found the movie to MAKE her that star. Could Catwoman be it? Maybe! If she doesn’t get this role though, I would love to see her play Ironheart in an MCU film. I think they look a little alike, and it’s a great part!

Logan Browning: This is it. This is my queen. This is my personal Catwoman. This is the one that I’m putting my money on. If we’re talking Cat Eyes? CHECK. Attitude? Seen her in Dear White People? CHECK. Lesser known actress to fill in the role? CHECK. Fitting actress to work opposite Robert Pattinson? MOTHER F***** CHECK.

Personally this is my pick. I hope to hear my suspicions are correct!




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