‘TITANS’ S2E05: ‘Deathstroke’ SPOILER Review

Oh boy! It really feels like these episodes are getting better and better with every week! Let’s talk about the good and the bad from this week’s Titans.


Deathstroke- The arrowverse may have it’s own Slade Wilson, but THIS guy right here is THE Deathstroke. My GOD DC Universe has done such a good job at bringing this character to life; his calm yet chilling speech, his tactics, his ruthlessness, and his determination are just spot-on.

As fans of the Titans we know that there was no way Slade was teaming up with Dr. Light because he actually respected or admired him. He was clearly just trying to use him as trigger bait for the team, and once he wasn’t willing to fall in line to Slade’s wishes-BAM. Light’s out (yes, I did that).

Light and Aqualad were minor characters in the frame of the show, but they are pretty big deals within the Titans property. Their deaths have only further established to me that anyone here is fair game. At least, that’s how it feels! I appreciate that so much.

I want to fear for the safety of the team. I want to be nervous when they go into battle. That is the most realistic nature of what these characters are doing; they’re putting their lives on the line to protect others. Trauma, injury, and yes, death are logical consequences to what they do.

Deathstroke killing Aqualad and how he doesn’t waste time with the banter or playing with the team is something I’m enjoying. He’s here for revenge and that’s it.

Jason: His abduction last week got me feeling that MAYBE we were going to be getting the Jason Todd story. Of course, there’s no way they could have the Joker do it in this series as the character is more than not available for use. However, who better to replace the Joker in that plot than Deathstroke- arch nemesis of the Titans?

I personally am hoping he has died. I don’t dislike the character nor the actor! I think he has done a great job playing Jason. However, the character does have a destiny, and there is only so much obnoxious Robin we can do before that destiny has to be fulfilled.

Rose says it perfectly while talking to Garfield; he did it to himself. He has been told countless times to not be so arrogant and go after things on his own, but he didn’t listen. This is the fatal flaw of Jason, and if we’re talking realism- this is how it goes down.

Personally, though I have enjoyed him as a Robin, I don’t know if he really fills out the Red Hood aesthetic? That seems a bit out of place, and I’m not sure why…

 Shades of Gray: While the realism/darkness often felt gratuitous in season one, this season has leaned into the tone in the perfect way. The trade between Rose and Jason is a great moral dilemma. We know this group has a history (I swear, if they killed Jericho I’m DONE). What is the right thing to do here? Ultimately, I don’t agree with Dick’s actions. Just look at what he and Starfire were able to do together when they worked as a team! They might have been able to save Robin had everyone worked together to defeat this enemy. This is another reason why I feel Jason needs to perish. These characters, Dick especially, needs to learn to f****** trust his team and let people in! He says he doesn’t want to be Batman but all he does is make Batman moves and botch everything.


Let’s cut the S***:  Building on Dick’s dumb repetitions, there are certain beats that I’m tired of repeating. We’re kind of in a broken record. I’m tired of Hank always getting worked up and Dawn needing to sooth him every week. I’m tired of Dick trusting no one and making selfish choices. I’m tired of Raven misusing her powers and crying about it. I’m tired of Jason being a hothead and stepping in s*** (which is why I’m hoping he dies- consequences to actions progresses plot). It took us fourteen episodes to find out what event happened that split up the Titans. FOURTEEN.

The tactic of dangling a secret to the audience is basic cable primetime circa 2000s. The show has GREAT characters and this was probably the best episode yet. They have such a spread to play with that it seems a shame that they insist on repeating so many beats!

Beast Boy and Raven: I want to love these two actors playing these roles so bad, but it just isn’t there. I CAN’T with this Raven, and Beast boy has been getting on my nerves lately as well. They’re supposed to be the JV Titans and I hoped that they would be the more laid back of the bunch, but they’re often just as dark and less exciting because they don’t know what they’re doing.

I’m hoping Beast Boy gets an actual time to shine with his powers (I know it’s expensive but you made this choice DC Universe) and I need Raven to get over the inability to control her powers. She blames it on Trigon ripping out her heart but BULL. S****. That was pretty much the entire plot to season one. Her unable to control her powers isn’t new. Get over it. Control your s***. She literally opened the season by confidently taking out Trigon. This feels like a back peddle simply because they don’t know what to do with her for the time being.

Nah thanks.

Is Jason dead? Well, according to next week’ thumbnail it looks like we’re taking yet ANOTHER aside with the introduction of Connor Kent, the Superboy. I’m excited to meet him in live-action! However, this episode is ending on a really big cliffhanger, and it seems a bit poor timing to insert this intro…

Will next week end with Connor taking the jump in the air to save Jason? That might be a neat way to tie it all together. If not… Poor timing, guys!




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