‘New Mutants’ WILL Hit Theaters Under Disney; Do They Have Faith in Boone?

It has been over TWO YEARS since the original date The New Mutants was set to hit theaters. By late 2019 I assumed the film would have been indefinitely shelved or, at the very least, would have premiered quietly over on Hulu.

To our surprise, Josh Boone’s film will not only stick to its alleged April 3, 2020 release but it will do so with ZERO alterations to his original vision. That is right. There were no reshoots.

This leads to the suspicion that there might not have been anything wrong with the cut to begin with, but rather due to the uncertainty of the merger the film was indefinitely postponed until the dust settled.

Now, we know that despite the merger Dark Phoenix still saw the light of day! However, we need to remember that it only did so after a couple delays of its own. More specifically, the film premiered almost a year after originally intended.

Why did Dark Phoenix ultimately make it while New Mutants didn’t? I believe Dark Phoenix HAD to undergo reshoots primarily because its story and visuals were so similar to the earlier released Captain Marvel. Secondly, I don’t believe Disney liked the cut of the film AT ALL. Not being interested in the plot or cast, they decided to allow the film to release under Fox to ultimately put the twenty year franchise to rest.

New Mutants is set with a completely original cast and (allegedly) no ties to the main franchise. There is space here, should the film perform well in theaters, to keep going with the cast of characters and build on what Josh Boone created under Fox. If not on the scale of the big screen then it is something they can shoot for on Disney+.

It bodes well for The New Mutants that Disney is moving forward with the release of the film. They didn’t believe in the main X-Men cast or its story, but the fact that they are allowing this film to not just stream but rather hit theaters means they might just have something they want to work with.

VERY big fan of The New Mutants. More than just rooting for this film and am beyond pumped to see the trailer hitting this coming Monday, January 6.


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