‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Sequel Confirmed; Legacy of Ahsoka Tano

It’s only been a couple weeks since the release of Rise of Skywalker and just some days since the finale of Mandalorian, and I am in desperate need of a Star Wars fix.

Fear not! It would seem that the internet is ablaze with news that Dave Filoni (creator of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels) is at work  for a new series to follow Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano after the events of the Rebels Finale.

To be specific, where Clone Wars (the first series) took place between episode’s two and three, and Rebels (the second series) took place between episode’s three and four, this third series will take place in the thirty years between episode’s six and seven.

That is correct! This takes place in the same time-gap as the live-action Mandalorian series.

Thirty years is an awfully long time and we know that the latter series  takes place roughly eight years after the fall of the empire. I have a hunch that the new Filoni series will take place likely right after the end of events of Return of the Jedi.

With these two shows I feel we already have such an amazing  source of content for the Star Wars franchise moving forward. More specifically, this wonderful legacy collection for the character, Ahsoka Tano.

Much like the three live-action film trilogies, these three animated shows will serve as a trilogy in their own right documenting the saga of Ahsoka. Was that always the intention? Probably not! Yet I’m sure as many fans like myself would agree, once we saw those white lightsabers against Vader, Ahsoka had solidified herself as a true Star Wars icon.

I find it brilliant that she is this character who has been able to jump from series to series, with different contexts and characters, as well as grow through different phases of her life.

On top of what feels like a necessary addition to Filoni’s work, we certainly have to notice that the events of this upcoming animated series may overlap with those of The Mandalorian. Could we get a live-action version of Ahsoka and Sabine in future seasons?! Here’s hoping!

Just from the season finale we have the first live-action appearance of the darksaber, a prominent weapon introduced in the Clone Wars which reappeared in Rebels owned by Sabine Wren, a mandalorian herself,  for a time.

I find it too much for coincidence. As much as I would like to explore the future of the Jedi and perhaps jump a century to see the order restored after the efforts of Rey Skywalker (still not sure how I feel about that name), I am also interested to see what unfolded within those thirty years. The birth of the First Order? Snoke? The Knights of Ren? The reclaiming of the darksaber, and of course the death of Ahsoka Tano (confirmed by her voice coming from the beyond in Rise of Skywalker).

Why do we have to wait such a long time! If anyone has anything to cure my withdrawal I’m all years. If not, then I suppose we wait until Fall 2020 for the return of the Mandalorian and an official announcement from Disney for the third installment of Ahsoka’s journey.


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