‘Moon Knight’ to Feature Two Marvel Horror Characters; Is the MCU Embracing Fear?

Moon Knight is one of the many upcoming Marvel shows that will make its debut over on Disney+. Though an official release date (nor cast) has been confirmed at this time, we are receiving information regarding what characters we might have the chance to meet.

In latest news it seems that both Dracula (yeah, that guy) and Werewolf by Night are set to appear in this upcoming Marvel show! Um, ok! Let’s talk about that!

Something catching my eye is just how much the concept of “horror” seems to continue popping up within future Marvel projects. We have confirmed that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be the first official horror movie within the MCU. WandaVision, another series slated to premiere on Disney+, will incorporate horror elements as Wanda and Vision navigate an alternate reality. Then most recently we received news that the lone remaining Fox film, The New Mutants, will indeed move ahead with its April 3 release this year and will have a new trailer on January 6; if you didn’t already know, that too is a horror film.

The announcement of these two (iconic horror) characters set to premiere in Moon Knight begs the question, is Marvel is trying to get themselves more involved within this growing genre?

Yes, Growing genre! Films like It, Us, and Get Out have been very influential films in the last few years! They’re films that don’t necessarily go heavy with the “jump scares,” but revolve around existential dread which I believe is where the MCU will lean.

Let’s not forget that not too long ago Universal Studios wanted to launch their Dark Universe which would have been a cinematic world housing all the classic horror characters… Yikes. Sorry Universal, seems that Marvel Studios is intending to do just that surrounded by iconic heroes from comic books. The crowned jewel of them? Blade.

You might remember at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that Kevin Feige announced Mahershala Ali (perfect f***** casting) will take on the role of Blade for a live-action film in phase five.

blade-and-moon-knight Dracula will be premiering in Moon Knight…. Blade is the vampire hunter…Son of a gun! the Marvel Cinematic Universe strikes again!

As Marvel moves into the new decade I think this is a smart move; create new aesthetics and embrace new genres. Once upon a time (before everything fell apart) DC was set to launch its live-action Justice League Dark film. There’s no doubt that there is a growing interest in the genre and studios have been eyeing how to incorporate its elements into their world of heroes. Creating this Comic/horror pocket within the MCU can ultimately pay off if done right. After the last decade under Kevin Feige, I think it’s safe to say we’re in good hands moving forward.


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