Wolverine Should Enter the MCU the Comics Way

We have little details regarding when we can expect the mutants to join the MCU. It was recently corrected that Disney does NOT see The New Mutants as part of their cinematic universe. However, should the film exceed expectations at the box office then I’m sure that’s nothing a little reality manipulation can’t fix that.

If we are doing a clean reboot though, what does that look like?

I’m a part of the camp that believes the X-Men should be as comic book accurate as possible. By this I mean the first film, or series, should focus on the original five members; Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, and Angel. Are they all fan favorites? No. Yet as I’ve said on many occasions, if the MCU can make Guardians of the Galaxy work then there is little to no reason the original five can’t win over the casual comic and movie fan as well.

When it comes to actual favorites such as Storm and Wolverine, I think their level of fandom has earned them a space to get specific solo introductions. I find it reasonable that Storm should make her debut in Black Panther 2, while I believe Wolverine should get something similarly to the books as well; The Hulk vs. Wolverine story.

For those who don’t know, Wolverine was actually not introduced within the X-Men comics. He did make his first appearance in the book for Giant-Size X-Men #1, yes, but that was not his first appearance in a Marvel comic. His FIRST appearance ever was actually in Incredible Hulk #181 released in 1974, almost a year before the the new X-Men team was assembled.

Fans love this character, and it would be incredible to see him as a surprise addition to future project. Though Mark Ruffalo has not confirmed if he has retired from the MCU, we know that he’ll soon not be the only Hulk in town.

With no release date confirmed, Disney+ will be adding She-Hulk to its streaming line-up. Comic loyalists might be upset with the notion of the clawed mutant going off against her instead of the OG. I admit I somewhat agree with the desire to see the panels come to life 100% faithfully, but it is still great to know there is an upcoming space for an homage to be paid.

This kind of an introduction will go to show a different element to the character that we haven’t seen in previous Fox films. Hugh Jackman (great Wolverine; I’m not complaining) belonged to an X-Men world that, for the majority of its existence, was trying to remain grounded and dismissed many of the fantasy elements that the MCU embraced.

We have seen the destructive force of the Hulk on the big screen and a Wolverine that mirrors the Fox version would likely get his ass torn apart. This is a battle that will clarify right off the bat what a MONSTER this little hairy guy really is.

Think about it! The Hulk has destroyed cities, he’s gone toe-to-toe with Thanos, he fought Hela’s Fenrir, took on multiple Ultron’s at once, and was the only Avengers member able to snap the infinity gauntlet without dying- the guy is objectively a tank.

Wolverine is traditionally a little angry nugget! Should the MCU embrace the character’s true stature and allow him to face of against the Hulk or She-Hulk, it could set a really fun precedent for just what this little maniac is capable of.


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