ALL X-Titles Thus Far and Beyond

I am a huge Hickman fan. I absolutely loved the HOX/POX miniseries we got last year. I have been enjoying the majority, but certainly not all, of the Dawn of X titles that we have been getting.

With 2020 upon us it seems we’ve had announcement after announcement after announcement for new titles! Having trouble keeping up with what is coming out and when, I figured I would go ahead and address the status of the current titles and what we can expect coming up.

1: X-Force: This is one of, if not THE book, that feels like the greatest direct sequel to the HOX/POX material we got last year. It’s dark, well written, and #5 did not disappoint. I’ve said it before, I’m not a huge X-Force guy but this book really delivers. I’m hoping for Colossus to get well soon so he can join in on the action, and especially need Jean to get out of that damn groovy dress; this is X-Force not the Brady Bunch.

2: New Mutants: It dipped there for a bit with those issues on Earth with Armor and friends, but my GOD I can’t get over how fun this book is when it’s with our OG team. Issue #5 was HYSTERICAL, beautifully paced, and action packed. I felt like I was reading a Taika Waititi movie. It was brilliant. I hope the sales for this book never dip and it goes on and on.

3: X-Men: With four issues released  I am still pretty intrigued with this book. I think it’s risky for it to be doing this one-and-done approach but it has been an interesting ingredient to the overall X-book spread. I’m pumped to have it continue and can’t wait to see what else Hickman does with it.

4: Excalibur: Um, well, okay! I don’t HATE it. I also don’t think it fits with the tone Hickman set with his miniseries; feels like a bit of a stretch! However, the book does house Rogue, Gambit, and fellow LGBT lead, Riktor. I love these characters and I want them to get their due “screen time.” It’s alright enough for me to read even though there are some weeks I have to remind myself what is even happening.

5: Fallen Angels: No. It’s ending after issue #6. Thank you.

6: Marauders: The other title in the roster that seems to tie directly with Hickman’s prologue. It is one of my favorites even though there are some issues that aren’t as appealing as others. I like the dichotomy of royal structures and the entire premise over the Krakoan drugs. I think it has one of the strongest rosters of the X-books (Storm, Bishop, Kitty, and Iceman), has solid art, and is second to New Mutants in humor. I’m certainly here for this book long term, and hoping we get an explanation to Kitty’s gate issue!


7: Hellions: If five wasn’t enough, we are going to be getting FIVE more on-going titles this year added to the roster. First to mention is Hellions which will hit shelves in March. Um, not a roster I’m really interested in but I guess I can give it a shot?

8: Wolverine: Of course his solo title is coming back. No one should be surprised. Of course I’m going to read. Let’s get in there. I’m ready. Wolverine releases February 19. 

9:Cable: Releases in March and I’m not that interested? I’m sorry! I think there are so many other characters that deserve solo titles over kid Cable ( Storm, cough, Storm). Like every X Title, I will give it a shot but I feel there are other characters that should be getting the spotlight.

10: X-Factor: I’m REALLY excited for this and feel conflicted that its announcement came when we already have so many books on the roster! Northstar, another LGBT mutant, will be in a leadership role; F**** yeah! Also, this will be another on-going series that will deal directly with elements from HOX/POX; Specifically, this team will investigate mutant deaths and report to the ones in charge of mutant resurrection; the five. YES. YES. GIVE THIS TO ME. The title is set to launch in April.

11: Giant Size X-Men: I’m actually really curious for this. First issue releases February 26. Each issue will be written by Hickman which is a huge plus. Yes, I’m a fan of his writing, but I also know that this whole launch of Dawn of X is very much his vision; the more of it he gets to write to bring it to life the happier I am. I think he has such a great way of Writing Magneto and he will be the focus of an issue due in March. Nightcrawler will finally be joining this whole thing with his own issue out in April, and Jean is finally getting another uniform. Let’s go. Let’s do this.

12: FF/X-Men: Only a miniseries! Yet it deals with a very real question from HoX #1. Franklin Richards is a mutant and therefore automatically a citizen of Krakoa. Will he choose his family or his fellow mutants? I’m excited to read this and am glad it will just be a mini-series launching February 5.

13: Children of the Atom: Uuuuhhhh alright. Look, we got a teaser cover that showed Cyclops, Jean, angel, Nightcrawler, and Gambit. When I saw this I was curious and eager to get into it; Nightcrawler was finally in a lead roster for a book. Awesome! THEN, we got the real cover and it turns out it’s five new Gen-Z characters and I could care less.

That doesn’t mean that it won’t be great! Of course I’ll give it a shot. With so many mutants already on Krakoa I just think it would have been nice to see them take center stage.


Moira: At some point it was mentioned that we would also be getting a Moira series. Yes please. Yet there is no official word and when we can expect this to drop.

X-Corp-: This is another title that has been hinted at but other than that there is no information regarding when and where we can expect to see this.


There’s no doubt this is QUITE a ton of books. That being said, as long as Hickman has a very clear vision of what the intention is, and all the books somehow work together to tell this larger story, I’m content with it!


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