Art Spotlight – Obi Arisukwu

For this installment of art spotlight, I’m here to highlight an artist that I have been following for quite some time, Obi Arisukwu (a.k.a Obi Aris). I took notice of his work when I was browsing through instagram and stumbled across an awesome illustration he did of Marvel villain Thanos in a Coogi sweater, a nod to Biggie. I scrolled through more of his work and of course immediately hit the follow button. His work on prominent movie/tv characters, to comic heroes, and famous musicians like ‘Queen Bey’ has gained him a solid following.

What caught my attention was not only the great detail in his illustration but the style which seems almost Disney and comic-esque. He has ability to create a portrait of Jay-Z and make it look like he’s about to go toe to toe with Gastón. Another great thing about Obi is he will post pictures or videos of his rough drafts before he lays down the final layers, giving us a glimpse of his creative process.

I have included some of my favorite of his pieces below but you can find more on his instagram and website.

Insecure #1
‘Insecure #1’
Queen Bey
‘Queen Bey’
Zendaya as Detective Rue
‘Zendaya as detective Rue’
Everything Is Love
‘Everything is Love’
Rommel RB

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