Episode 51 – Legendary Farewell

We are BACK on the couch for episode 51!  We may be a television and film podcast but it only felt right to open the show to reflect on the tragedy that took the lives of the legendary Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven other souls.

While attempting to transition into usual business- This week we also want to review season 2 of Netflix’s Sex Education (00:24:45)! Do we agree with Eric’s choice between Adam and Gay Drake- I mean Rahim? How many times DO we say anal douching? What’s the deal with Maive and this new guy? We’ll give you our irrelevant takes!

Next, it wouldn’t be the couch if we didn’t jump on hot topics WEEKS after they’ve become room temperature. Therefore, we dive into the three-part docu-series on Aaron Hernandez (00:40:45) and give our thoughts on that mess.

Lastly, stick around as we chat about the South Korean oscar nominated film making waves; Parasite (00:59:00). Is it as good as everyone says? How does it blend comedy, drama, and suspense? Well, we’ll give you our unprofessional opinion!

The Small Screen Society

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