Battle of YA Streaming Content Begins; ‘Percy Jackson’ and ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ on the Way

Before I get into it, I think it is appropriate to give a HUGE congratulations to all those Percy Jackson fans who have (finally) received the news that their beloved book series will be adapted for Disney+. I am not surprised! I suspected such a thing would happen, and you can read all about it in our piece from last year here.

Another thing worth noting is that since Rick Riordan’s official announcement this afternoon Percy Jackson has shot up to trend #1 in the United States on Twitter. WOW.

That is no small feat and is very representative of the fan base of these books. When can fans expect the series to drop? Who is cast? Well, there is no information yet and it is unknown how Covid-19 will factor into production, but at the very least fans can know that the series is definitely on the way and the author will work closely with production to ensure his stories are adapted well.

For now, only the first five books in his (currently) fifteen book series have been confirmed for adaptation. Therefore, as many twitter users joke about how upset fans will be if Disney censors the level of representation presented in the latter ten books (love it), the truth is such adaptations will depend entirely on the success of this original series. Though if Twitter activity is any indication fans might not have to worry too much.

The streaming wars are underway and what we’re seeing here is the setup for a potential battle- the YA content. Where Disney+ is full-speed ahead with this series, we know that Netflix has purchased the rights to C.S. Lewis’ beloved Chronicles of Narnia. Official word from the Lewis estate is the desire for Netflix to adapt the books into full seasons with the potential for original content set in the Narnia universe; uh, ok- sure!

Where both Disney+ and Netflix each have their hands on potentially great YA content for their services it leaves HBOMax’s Nimbus 2000 riding elephant in the room…

Though no announcement has been made for new content set in the Wizarding World (aside from the Fantastic Beast films) it is curious if the announcement of the company’s rivals will create a push to do so. Could there be a Potter reboot more faithfully adapting the seven novels? After all, the first film launched in 2001 well before the idea that books could be adapted with appropriate budgets and screen time.

Better yet, Could Rowling allow for new talent to create original stories set in the world of Harry Potter? Regardless of which route is taken I believe that the thing we can be confident of is that a route WILL be taken at some point in the next few years.




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