‘Young Avengers’ Will Likely be for Disney+; Here’s Why

It should come as no surprise to comic fans, who have met the cast of Young Avengers in the pages of Marvel Comics, that they indeed are on their way to live-action; the clues were everywhere!

Rumor is going around that filming for the project (unknown if Disney+ or film) should start as early as 2021. Whether this will take a hit due to the pandemic is yet to be determined.

My guess is that this will be a Disney+ production. Here’s why- Hulking and Wiccan.

No, Young Avengers is nowhere near the fame of DC counterpart, Teen Titans. However it has had and does have a powerful cult following. A large reason for this is due to romantic couple of Hulking and Wiccan. Not only was their relationship presented in the comics as matter-of-fact from its inception but they have one of the most powerful romantic narratives in comics today. This isn’t because of their homosexuality, but because both characters have incredibly developed personal stories that enrich their pairing.  They’re not a “gay couple” but a couple that happens to be gay.

As much as representation matters and as much as some of us want to see ourselves (LGBT) represented in superhero movies, the truth is it’s a business. They want to make their money. The limit of representation thus far in popular media has been subjected to small clips that can be easily removed for audiences in places that would have a bitch-fit over a gay kiss.

You can’t do that with Young Avengers and not piss off some serious fans. Hulkling and Wiccan’s relationship is pivotal to the DNA of the property, not to mention two of its writers were gay and bisexual respectively.

I think this project will likely start as a Disney+ series. Even if they make their way to the big screen it is a way to “have their cake and eat it too”; gay content on TV and then kept minimal for big-screen to easily remove for international release.

At this point we just need to keep our eye on the upcoming Disney+ shows that will likely each introduce different members. Wiccan and his twin brother will make their appearance (at least as babies) in the upcoming WandaVision. Though there’s no clue yet on where Hulking can appear the pieces are certainly there already as he is both Kree and Skrull.

Patriot could get his introduction in the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Solder, and Kid Loki of course could make his debut on Loki. 

Time will tell, but here is hoping for unapologetic representation in the MCU!



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