Originals Coming to HBOMax

HBOMax is set to launch on May 27th! Along with a long list of Warner/HBO content from previous decades being added to the service there will of course be some original content at launch and more set to release in the coming months.

Disney+ has served as a great example that despite how rich and thick your library of content is, the real hook for streaming lies in the original content. I won’t get into everything, but I wanted to highlight some of what we can expect.

1: Looney Tunes: The classic characters are back for streaming. We will be getting, at launch, eighty original eleven-minute episodes focused around the toons. That’s over FOURTEEN hours of new content. What can I say? I grew up going to bed watching this stuff. Of course I’m going to watch.

2: Elmo Talk Show: Alright…alright! Not for me but can certainly be something for younger audiences to watch as the new streaming service launches!

3: Love Life: The eight episode first season will be lead by Anna Kendrick. I am the corniest human I know so I will VERY MUCH be tuning in to watch all of this. I felt that there were shows that spoke to my teen years, HBO’s Girls strongly resonated with the feelings of the early/mid-twenties, and it feels that this original might have something to say about the late 20’s/early thirties which I have been patiently waiting for. It looks like it could be an even mix of humor and drama so yes, sign me up. You can see the trailer here

4: Doom Patrol-Season Two: Awkward. DC Universe isn’t even dead and buried but we have confirmed as of yesterday that the second season of Doom Patrol will be launching on HBOMax alongside the DC platform. There is no trailer as of yet nor is there any information if the entire series will drop or if it will resume the week-to-week format (do the former if you want to gain more fans).  I am curious to see if the series received

5:Lovecraft Country: I am VERY excited about this one. Though the series is technically for HBO there’s little doubt that the streaming service and its channel namesake are going to be treated as one in the same. It’s based on the novel under the same name, the story follows a young man with friends in search of his father through the Jim Crow south. Not only will there be the horrors of human evil but the monsters of Lovecraft will be equally as threatening. The series will feature Jurnee Smollet whose career has been on the rise so I am very much looking forward to it. You can catch the trailer here and the series will debut in August of 2020.

Is there enough original content to subscribe at the cutting of the ribbon? Probably not. But if you’re looking for something to do in the (kind of?) ongoing quarantine then knock yourself out!


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