Henry Cavill Will Return as the Man of Steel; Where We Can Expect His Return

It was no secret that Henry Cavill has had an odd relationship with Warner studios and the infamous Snyder Cut; He refused to appear for the cameo in Shazam and was the only cast member to not promote #ReleasetheSnyderCut back in November (which is the reason we’re getting it).

Despite the sketchiness there is word that Cavill is inches away from finalizing a deal to keep the Superman role. This information comes about a week after getting official news of the Snyder Cut’s HBOMax release.

So, does this mean we are set for Man of Steel 2? Not so fast.

A: Justice League: At this time we know that the Snyder Cut of Justice League will be dropping on HBOMax some time in 2021. There is no doubt that the main cast will be back for further scene work and this will be a good opportunity to boost Cavill’s platform in the role. Of course, there is the risk that this ends up being another Batman v Superman but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

B: Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson has his green light on his standalone Black Adam film. This is still set for its 2021 release with no word if and when COVID-19 will have an affect. Regardless, the movie is due out before Shazam 2 and will be the project where they will more than likely have Cavill appear again in a minor role. Having him appear with and A-lister like Johnson in a film that is reported to also showcase the Justice Society of America is going to serve as an excellent boost for Cavill. It also doesn’t hurt that both Cavill and Johnson share an agent! Safe to say there’s some tag-team (no wrestling pun intended) action going on there to secure his participation in the film.

C: Shazam 2: There is no word yet if this is the case, but Cavill’s cameo in Black Adam will be the likely boost for the three-way showdown of Shazam and Superman teaming up to take on Johnson in Shazam 2. This is going to be a huge event within the DCEU and might be the last piece before there is a decision on giving him his standalone sequel.

He isn’t a bad Superman by any means, and his Netflix series, The Witcher, didn’t do a bad job either! I think the hesitance from Executives comes more from recent issues; the Shazam cameo.

Cavill wants more money for the role and there has been a ton of hesitation to give it to him. At this point, I think these small investments (Justice League certainly is small considering the majority has already been shot) will serve as help in determining his future in the cape.




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