‘The Flash’ Suit Concept Art Revealed

I can’t continue touching on everything from Fandome without commenting on the concept art revealed by Anthony Muschietti. It was the only big reveal from the brief Flash panel but f*** it- I’m excited!

Snyder’s suit for The Flash in Justice League was fine. I think it was a cool idea to incorporate a more metalic look for the character. Though just as Aquaman passed over to James Wan, opening the door for a different (more comics accurate) look, there was no doubt that Muschietti was going to get the opportunity to bring the character to life in his own way.

From what we see in the concept I think it’s safe to say that he’s getting his inspiration from the New 52 suit. You can see alot of the same elements with the lines and how the lightning radiates off of him. Also, we need to note, the lightning is yellow! It is yellow ladies and gentlemen!


This might be a reach, but bare with me. It was revealed last year that there were potential plans in Snyder’s Justice League for Barry to gain a new suit by the end of the film that would have been provided to him by Bruce Wayne. Yesterday’s panel confirmed that this narrative would remain true going into production for the Flash solo film.

I think it’s possible, that within the additional footage being shot for the Snyder Cut, we could get a tease of the new Flash suit by the end of the four episodes. It’s a reach but I think it’s very possible this version will setup The Flash the way it also set up Aquaman. 




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