‘The New Mutants’ Being Left Out to Die

Many of us have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Josh Boone’s The New Mutants to finally release. However, we had no idea it would be like this…

A theatrical date was finally scheduled for August 28 but it was assumed that New Mutants, like many other films, would continue to get postponed due to Covid-19. Nope.

Unlike Mulan, Tenet, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman 1984 Boone’s film is being made to walk the box office plank as no adjustments were made to it’s release just a few days away.

Not only will the movie have an awkward debut that many won’t be able to attend/will be unwilling to attend but it has been stated that some critics have not even had the chance to prescreen the film to provide reviews… What the hell?

Clearly, Disney is trying to take Covid-19 as a blessing as it’s allowing them to release this movie with no prospects for success. Why this is a positive for the studio is because it allows them to get rid of the last piece of Fox’s mutant legacy without any threat of positive fan reaction that could summon a Snyder situation.

I personally will not be willing to go to a theater to watch the movie so I will continue waiting for some kind of digital distribution. For those that are willing to go see the film theatrically I hope they enjoy it and I hope it can create some kind of buzz on the web next weekend.


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