Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Trailer Breakdown; Clearly a Different Movie

A highly anticpated piece to yesterday’s DC Fandome was the Snyder Cut panel. We knew beforehand that not only would the director be addressing important elements of the project (such as confirming it will be cut into four episodes releasing weekly) but that we would also be getting our first trailer.

Let’s break it down.

1.Darkseid: Snyder wastes no time with this thing! Right out of the gates we get our first shot, clear as crystal, of Snyder’s Darkseid; ruler of the planet Apokolips. Though he is not the principal villain of the movie it was rumored for ages that the iconic character was always set to appear in the project to some capacity. Will he only be featured in flashbacks, will he make small appearences throughout, or is Snyder hoping to add more sequences with the character?

Snyder’s cut of the film will not just be a complete telling of what he originally envisioned but will also be the “audition” with audiences to potentially greenlight the second Justice League film he was originally slated to create; one that would feature Green Lantern in all his glory.

2.Some Familiar Stuff: Yes, the trailer does indeed show us some things we saw in the original trailer for the movie all those years ago; Victor Stone playing football in the snow, Bruce looking upon the hologram image of Superman, Aquaman walking towards the end of the dock, and Barry saving Iris… Twitter had some choice words against the trailer saying that it all seemed the same… Let’s do the math here.

The theatrical cut of Justice League was a total of two hours long. At BEST Whedon used 50% of Snyder’s footage which equates to one hour of content. The Snyder Cut will officially consist of four hours… There is not doubt that there is still a ton of stuff we haven’t seen and this will certainly be something very different from what we got.

3.Death Confirmed: Quite the bold move for this trailer to just completely reveal the death of Victor Stone’s father. What’s up with that? Well, just as he decided to open with a clear image of Darkseid I think the motivation here was similar; this is not Whedon’s cut. For those of us that saw the theatrical version of the movie we recall that the film ends with Victor and his father hanging out amicably in the lab as Victor gains new armor. Nah, not in this universe.

Snyder has stated that Cyborg serves as the emotional center for this project. I don’t agree with his revealing what will clearly be a very impactful moment in the film (which will likely occur before Victor has a real opportunity to reconcile with his father) but I assume he also put it in there to show that we can expect a very strong arc for Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone.

4. Steppenwolf Arrives: There he is! I don’t have too much to comment here other than I can’t believe they didn’t just keep this version of the character for the theatrical cut. When you put Whedon’s version in comparison to this design and align him to the tone of the previous two films (Man of Steel and Batman v Superman) he really comes off as clownish.

This version of Steppenwolf, which I understand will still be voiced by Ciarán Hinds, looks like a real threat. I hope we get to see a bit more of him in action before the official release of the film next year.

5. Speed Force or Do They Fail?: I’m loving that really cool visual of Ezra Miller’s Flash standing in this strange setting where everything around him seems to either be moving really quickly or…do they fail? Is that an explosion?

Snyder during his Q&A confirmed that The Flash will likely be doing some moving in time. This would only happen if there was something that he needed to correct! I suppose we’ll have to wait and find out.

6. Black Suit: This was revealed just a few weeks ago at a different web event but we have more visuals in this trailer of Superman’s black suit. Well, it’s realy just his regular suit that has been turned black in post-production but you get it!

I have no real feelings on this! Do I wish he would go back to his red and blue suit for this movie? Of course. It is what it is. I’m rather neutral about the whole thing. It’s fine.

We have our confirmation that the film will indeed release in four episodes releasing weekly. Once all of them have aired there will be an option to stream the four hours as a film for those who wish to see it that way. Other than confirming the film releases in 2021 we have no word on a date! S***!

Fingers crossed we get to see this at the very least in Q1.




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