“Hogwarts Legacy” Announced; The Future of the Harry Potter Franchise Finally Embraced

Today we got another preview for the upcoming Playstation 5. Won’t lie, the virtual announcement event a couple months ago didn’t really sell me on it! However, this time around we got two featured previews that have caught my attention; one being the official debut game for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

There have been games set in this world before, but those were more promotional material for the feature films. This will be the first time that an original openworld RPG will be set at Hogwarts and all I can say is-it’s about F&^*&^ time!

These days the creator of the Harry Potter herself, JK Rowling, is under heavy fire for her anti-trans remarks on the internet. Though this has brought into question the future of the franchise, I don’t think this new game is doomed.

Properties transcend creators. Just think of Star Wars or virtually any comic book character you’ve ever heard of (Sorry Alan Moore). Harry Potter isn’t immune to this transition. Furthermore this is an IP that isn’t just books, but previously released films, upcoming films, amusement parks, cellphone games, ongoing merchandise, and more.Despite the toxic rhetoric that Rowling is spewing these days there’s no doubt that Warner Bros. wants to keep the magic alive; no pun intended. The game can certainly succeed at this and establish itself as the best place for the fandom to continue.

Bringing the IP legitamtely to gaming means that there are endless possibilities for what we as fans can engage. This game will see us return to Hogwarts where, as the trailer put it, every hall and every room will be available for exploration. Not only that but other locations outside of Hogwarts will also be available.

This confirms that, if the game prove to be a success, then future games could explore Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Ilvermorny, and so many other places seen or mentioned in the books and films that we haven’t, nor likely ever will, be able to explore otherwise.

There is no official release date for the game other than the general announcement for 2021. However, on the game’s official page we see that Xbox One and PS4 are both listed. If it will indeed be across old and new gaming platforms it leads me to believe we can expect this in Q2 or Q3 of next year.


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